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Post by darkjedi @ 06:51am 07/07/09 | 42 Comments
Here's some great news for all those getting excited about Monkey Island coming back! From July 8 Lucasarts is getting on board the Steam boat and plans to start re-releasing it's back catalogue for all to enjoy (again)! They're putting up 10 titles to start with, but plan to expand this as time goes on. The complete list of games to be released on July 8 via Steam includes:

ē Armed and Dangerousô
ē Indiana Jonesģ and the Fate of Atlantis
ē Indiana Jonesģ and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
ē LEGOģ Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure
ē Star Wars Battlefrontģ II
ē Star Wars Republic Commandoģ
ē Star Wars Starfighterô
ē The Digģ
ē Thrillvilleģ: Off the Railsô

So some classics, with a number of recent titles mixed in for good measure. Going off Lucasart's Twitter feed, the titles will be in their original format with nothing updated/changed - no Steam achievements or improved graphics. It also suggests that there's a good chance of seeing the likes of Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and TIE Fighter coming to a Steam near you in the near future.

In addition to that, Tales of Monkey Island and Secret of Monkey Island: Special edition are also slated for release on Steam over the next week - Tales is due tomorrow and SoMI: SE will be out next week in line with the XBLA version. What's more interesting again is that Joystiq's article about the release hints towards Lucasarts releasing some of these games to the iPhone's app store.

Check out the official press release here or the Steam news page here for the official word.

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Posted 09:30am 07/7/09
LOL, the new generation of gamers isn't going to be able to play "The Dig".

Easily the most brutal Lucasarts point and click game.

I predict massive rage and Google overload.
Posted 09:37am 07/7/09
from the lucasarts twitter:

Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it's secret! Until Monday!

The point I'm making is that this "old s*** on steam" announcement is not "Amazing" nor is it super exciting. Sure a couple of fans might wanna pick up a couple of titles they're missing (quite a few of these were released on disc for $10 about a year or so ago), but that kind of leadup is just absolutely unjustified.
Posted 09:43am 07/7/09
I got a boxset from Harvey Normans 6-7 years back, $10 bargain bin.

Monkey Island 1+2
Full Throttle
The Dig
Sam and Max

Then got Grim Fandango, $10 off Ebay, Monkey Island 3, $5.

It's not exciting news to get profit raped for old games.
Posted 09:44am 07/7/09
That's ok. You're allowed to be bitter and jaded. We won't hold it against you, k?
Posted 09:47am 07/7/09
great news would be a new tie fighter.
great news would be a new jedi knight.
great news is not that you can buy old s*** again.
Amen, I was soooooooooooooo hoping for a new Xwing vs Tiefighter :(
Posted 10:26am 07/7/09
Star Wars Battlefront was a horrible game.
Posted 10:34am 07/7/09
was that the one with the clone commandos? I didn't mind it.
Posted 10:41am 07/7/09
oh yeah your right, that one was okay...
i thought battlefront was the RTS one. Cant think of the name!

edit- Go Go wikipedia, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

last edited by Crash at 10:41:56 07/Jul/09
Posted 10:56am 07/7/09
Battlefront was the FPS one.

Battlegrounds was the RTS
Posted 11:09am 07/7/09
was that the one with the clone commandos? I didn't mind it.

Star Wars: Republic Commando is what you're thinking of. Twas a great game, if only it didn't end suddenly. Hopefully this whole Steam thing will encourage them to finally give us a sequel and close out the RepComm story (I know there are Star Wars Extended Universe books set around the time of the game and even features characters from it, but the authors aren't allowed to touch on what happens in the RepComm game).

Couldn't agree more for an updated XvT with online multiplayer support and a new graphics engine. Hell, I'd even settle for XvT with Steam multiplayer support.
Posted 11:20am 07/7/09
i played through x-wing alliance a few times as well. A new star wars space sim game would be awesome.
Posted 11:27am 07/7/09
no no no you've got it all wrong.
being able to buy old games again is whats awesome...
Posted 11:35am 07/7/09
Now you're just being a troll.
Posted 11:43am 07/7/09
Ill grab loom (cause I never owned it), but I'm really waiting on grim fandengo on steam (lost the cd's).
Posted 11:43am 07/7/09
sorry, im not in the best of moods...

and i f*****g want a new tie fighter.

with dynamic music! *grumbles at final version of tie fighter that had non-dynamic, non-midi score*
Posted 11:46am 07/7/09
ē Star Wars Republic Commandoģ

Loved that game.
Posted 12:02pm 07/7/09
I'd totaly buy Grim Fandango for $5 or $10
Posted 01:10pm 07/7/09
I had X-Wing Alliance back in the day. Was an awesome game.

Republic Commando was pretty cool too. But favourite of all are the KOTOR games. Jedi Knight 2/3 follow closely behind for me.
Posted 02:10pm 07/7/09
Is that Tales of Monkey Island (the new one being made by Telltale) coming out on Steam? Cos I searched for it today and couldn't even find a "coming soon" entry for it and its supposed to come out tomorrow.
Posted 02:19pm 07/7/09
Telltale games is handling it, the same peeps who've been doing the new Sam & Max games & also the Strongbad games. afaik all their stuff is on Steam, so there's no reason to believe otherwise. Odd that it doesn't show up on the 'coming soon' area though....
Posted 04:37pm 07/7/09
LOL, the new generation of gamers isn't going to be able to play "The Dig".

Easily the most brutal Lucasarts point and click game.

I predict massive rage and Google overload.
Is it the type of game where you get stuck for weeks on end pulling your hair out until you accidentally click some s***** thing and BAM! you just figured it out?
Posted 05:06pm 07/7/09
Will probably rebuy RC seeing as I lost my copy, still waiting on that sequel.
Posted 09:34pm 07/7/09
This is great news. I'm a huge fan of old style point n click adventures. Hopefully they'll re-release/redo tie fighter, id definatley buy that again. But I don't have a joystick (are they still called joysticks these days)

Dig was bulls*** hard. I'd recommend indy fate of atlantis, great story, better than last movie.

If this old school stuff works, hopefully Vivendi will put old school Sierra point n click on steam too.

By the way, I'm sitting here waiting for new monkey island game I've pre-ordered. It's 3.30am 7th July on the west coast of the US. Why the hell isn't it availble to download at midnight!!??

Also, why is Any allowed to send so many useless threads. I got banned and am only allowed to post on here every 20 mins. This happened to me 5 years ago and the ban is still in place but no one will lift it for me :(
Posted 09:56pm 07/7/09
tell trog about it
Posted 10:26pm 07/7/09
I've emailed trog about it before through here.

Didn't hear anything back.
Posted 10:31pm 07/7/09
that's not what the rules say to do, so that's prolly why
Posted 10:44pm 07/7/09
If you guys like classics, there's a whole heap over at Good Old Games ( with no Steam DRM strings attached.
Posted 10:48pm 07/7/09
I can't find your instructions how to or where??
Posted 03:44pm 23/7/09
Necro'ing my own thread, just because I didn't think this needed a new one: Monkey Island: Special edition is a go on the iTunes App store! (link is directly to the App Store page for it)

$us9.99 for some touch-driven Monkey Island goodness!
Posted 03:59pm 23/7/09
AU$9.99 too!
Posted 04:07pm 23/7/09
ORLY? Niiiiiiice.

If only i had a jebus phone :(
Posted 04:37pm 23/7/09
You don't need an Iphone, its on Steam for $9.99 too.
Posted 04:41pm 23/7/09
Of which I've already bought :)

It's just a bit hard to lug my PC around with me to play a bit of it when I'm waiting for the train or stuck in traffic..
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