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Post by Dan @ 03:03pm 03/07/09 | 26 Comments
It's certainly not uncommon for games to borrow concepts and features from each other, particular when the inspiration is as popular as Team Fortress 2, but it looks like one Korean developer just may have taken it a bit too far.

H.A.V.E. Online is a class-based multiplayer shooter, set to launch an open beta on PC later this year, and according to the developer's site, offers: "Ease and comport anytime 3rd-person-view shooting game. A new enjoyment of selecting weapons fitting for situations Everyone can enjoy with ease and comport anytime.".

The debut cinematic trailer features many scenes, and a music score that should be very familiar to some.

But they're toys, and it's third person, that's different enough right? <3 Korea.

have onlineteam fortress 2

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Posted 03:08pm 03/7/09
OMG haha
Posted 03:13pm 03/7/09
Haha the crosshairs are identical?
Posted 03:13pm 03/7/09
but they're all female or... strange robot things... wtf.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:15pm 03/7/09
I reckon it looks awesome!
Posted 03:19pm 03/7/09
always thought TF2 was a bit of a sausage fest
Posted 03:32pm 03/7/09
It almost reminds me of army men.. I think that was on the ps1?

but they're all female or... strange robot things... wtf.

Boys toys vs girls toys?
Posted 03:44pm 03/7/09
The music made me lol
Posted 03:52pm 03/7/09
It's korean so chances are you will need a KSSN to even attempt to play this game. Also 1 thing I noticed from the game that the scout character looks a bit like like Haruhi Suzumiya. What, with the yellow ribbon and all. If you don't know who she is, google image search. If you don't need a KSSN to play then it could very well be worth a go
Posted 04:04pm 03/7/09
It looks far more like a BF:Heroes clone than TF2
Posted 04:19pm 03/7/09
More like A.I.D.S
Posted 04:21pm 03/7/09
Haha the minigun sounds sound exactly like the heavys.

Looks pretty awesome.
Posted 05:03pm 03/7/09
That was pretty good.
Posted 05:05pm 03/7/09
That's ridiculous haha, ths sound of the sniper rifle, the demoman's gun haha... oh mercy!
Does look like fun though.
Posted 05:05pm 03/7/09
heh it looks sorta cool

if it's not totally newbed up like TF2 is it might be an enjoyable action game
Posted 07:45pm 03/7/09
its like a sexy tf2
Posted 09:42pm 03/7/09
Is there an official site for this somewhere?
Posted 10:12pm 03/7/09
always thought TF2 was a bit of a sausage fest
its one big orgy with the poor pyro

btw: sk = s*** k*** lololoo

last edited by greazy at 22:12:28 03/Jul/09
Posted 11:31pm 03/7/09
TF2 aint a sausage fest if you use the female pyro and engie replacements, like the ones I have.
Posted 12:26am 04/7/09
rofl it looks fairly cool :D
Posted 12:49am 04/7/09
dm: they're trannies
Posted 12:57am 04/7/09
Actually looks more cool than TF2 right now. Except its third person but who knows. TF2 is a bit stale right now.
Posted 11:40am 04/7/09
Its "Toy Story Wars" !
Posted 11:45am 04/7/09
ease and comport

Posted 05:34pm 04/7/09
Knock off or not, it looks cool and I want it :p
Posted 12:22pm 05/7/09
Well it's 3PS like BFH although the maps look more inviting...

Then there are the depraved looking up the dolls dresses....
Posted 06:01pm 06/7/09
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