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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:35am 29/06/09 | 11 Comments
It's been a hectic few weeks, not just the one, and with settling in after E3 as well as getting on top of all the great info we grabbed from the event, AusGamers' Weekly Wrap took a short break. But we're back with arguably the biggest wrap yet, and it's only going to keep being full (and tasty) with all the great gaming we have for you ahead (on top of more post-E3 stuff, we also have new hands-on sessions in the works as well as a massive manifest of reviews to roll out).

So don't mind us as we recap some of the early post-E3 features we managed to put together. After all, you might have actually missed the, and we wouldn't want that now, would we? So sit back and click through with all of the links provided below...

In the headlines Codemasters and Atari revealed new cricketers have signed on for Ashes Cricket 2009, we found Xbox Live Gold Memberships running at AU$1 for a month's trial, Splash Damage revealed Brink would indeed be using a dedicated server system for PC multiplayer, more revelations in the Duke Nukem fiasco unearthed the existence of "Duke Begins", we decided to add Usenet to your AusGamers file grabbing abilities, Infinity Ward all but officially revealed we'd see a snow map for multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2, Rockstar moved GTA: Chinatown Wars to the PSP and also gave us a glimpse at the all-new Max Payne, NCSoft's Aion will be hitting Aussie store shelves in a Limited Edition bundle, id Software accepted an acquisition by Bethesda parent company Zenimax, BioWare and Mythic are teaming up over at EA to make an uber RPG studio, will the loss of "Call of Duty" from Modern Warfare 2's title affect sales? Age of Conan received its biggest content update yet, original Killzone 1 maps landed on Killzone 2, the Arma 2 demo launched, Valve released updates for both Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 and finally, EA very sneakily launched Battlefield Heroes.

Videos we highly recommend:In local video and editorial we have an absolute feast for you as well with a host of video interviews and transcripts from our time over at E3 as well as key previews and impressions of some of the year's biggest releases. A few of these editorial/interview pieces happened over a week ago, but just in case you missed them:Finally, not to be outdone by our own preview and interview sessions, Dan and I also managed to squeeze in a review of Red Faction: Guerrilla and Prototype, while our own James Cottee and Mike Bantick checked out Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, respectively.

That's it from us for last week, but this week has heaps in store, so be sure to stay tuned for more news, review, previews and interviews, right here on AusGamers.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:46am 29/6/09
it doesn't rhyme?
Posted 10:46am 29/6/09
WTF, here's the real wrap up: Michael jackson died, and my shoe thread f*****g rocked.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:28am 29/6/09
it might have rocked, but not enough to make the wrap :D

Maybe try harder this week and see if you can reach that ever-elusive plateau
Posted 02:48pm 29/6/09
I'm pretty sure if Ausgamers replaced Good Game I would be happy. The quality of your stuff is far superior.
Posted 02:51pm 29/6/09
hah, the good game presenters are entertaining and have good charisma, not saying that the steve doesn't, just, yeh, would never happen
Posted 03:06pm 29/6/09
steve is more of a writer, his interviewing skills aren't all that great. id prefer if someone like swiss cheesemen took the stage.

now there's something id watch every week
Posted 03:11pm 29/6/09
I usually find oz gaming shows awkward, but I like the good game guys :S

Also AusGamers iphone app ftw!
Posted 03:40pm 29/6/09
How can you like the good game guys? Its Skinny McTwitch and his co host aussie with the fake american accent from too much ventrillo.

Well each to their own, they certainly annoy me but i still have wound up watching a few eps. Its weird how they quite visibly juggle trying to sound nerdy while being charismatic to keep a general audience from walking away. I find it un-natural.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:10pm 29/6/09
It's worth pointing out - from a charisma point of view, that shows like Good Game get multiple takes and actually have a scriptwriter (I know because he's a mate of mine), so they're in a controlled environment, whereas most of our videos are all done on zero sleep, and running from one appointment to the next at a massive tradeshow.

Not saying I have charisma like the dudes on GG, because I think they're awesome - but I think if I was in a controlled environment, I could charm you all a bit more.

That said, I like being a bit guerrilla about it all ;)
Posted 04:58pm 29/6/09
if Ausgamers replaced Good Game I would be happy.
Posted 07:19pm 29/6/09
I was watching Good Game the other night, I don't know the hosts personally, but they just came across as annoying, It is definitely appealing to either the general audience or the casual person that has played a game and thought them selves as pro.

But yeah i watched a few Ausgamer videos and I was watching someone who was more knowledgeable and actually had something that was worth listening to.

Also In the few episodes that I have seen i never saw any interviews, it was just these guys opinions. But yeah Good Work Ausgamers.
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