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Post by trog @ 04:07pm 26/06/09 | 34 Comments
As noted on various places around the tubes, Battlefield Heroes has quietly snuck out and is now publicly accessible. It'll be interesting to see if it crumples under the load or if this quiet release will make a difference to the uptake as everyone finds out about it more gradually.

Anyway, you can check it out over on the official site right now. They've also released a pretty cool cheesy new trailer to promote the game, so check it out.

battlefield heroes

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Posted 04:13pm 26/6/09
The response so far to this has been underwhelming. Has anyone played it yet, even during the beta?
Posted 04:20pm 26/6/09
Aussie servers? Stupid question?

How many megs to download?
Posted 04:32pm 26/6/09
I played and enjoyed the beta, it was just a wacky feeling bf1942
Posted 04:34pm 26/6/09
Pretty sure there actually are Aussie servers.
Posted 04:36pm 26/6/09
Amazingly they got their s*** together enough to get Aussie servers sorted. It was a close call though and its definitely a sub-optimal solution; I am writing a big email about why they should do it differently which I hope to send them and have them ignore it as soon as possible.

I think Free said it was a couple hundred megs initially, tho it actually reports something like its going to be 4gb. I'll try and do some more research and find out exactly. Atm there's no way that I know of to host local downloads.
Posted 04:38pm 26/6/09
I played a bit during the beta. It's free, easy to get into (arcadey) and mildly enjoyable.

For the retards among us there's even a class that has 'built in wallhacks'.

There's Aussie servers(at least 10 I know of).

About 380Mb - no mirrors
Posted 09:35pm 26/6/09
So is it still console only or can real Gamers try it and deride it appropriately?
Posted 09:56pm 26/6/09
meh, it's not working for me.
Posted 10:02pm 26/6/09
So is it still console only or can real Gamers try it and deride it appropriately?
It's always been PC only. Haven't heard any talk of consoles.
Posted 10:07pm 26/6/09
So is it still console only or can real Gamers try it and deride it appropriately?
That's Battlefield 1943 (unless you meant Battlefield: Bad Company, which isn't WWII).

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Posted 10:43pm 26/6/09
You could download it and zip up the directory and host that :D
Posted 06:41am 27/6/09
3PS game (3 Classes), four maps, tanks and aircraft. f2p Micro-transaction model.
The GuVna
Posted 08:31am 27/6/09
So is there a trick to play on Aussie Servers? As pressing "Play Now" takes me to a random server, where I constantly get auto kicked for having a high ping. & The only way to "Bookmark" a server is after you join it.

Unless I'm missing something obvious then you are all welcome to mock me as you point me in the right direction
Posted 09:53am 27/6/09
I played it during the beta for about an hour, that's should give you a good idea of what it's like
Posted 10:09am 27/6/09
So is there a trick to play on Aussie Servers? As pressing "Play Now" takes me to a random server, where I constantly get auto kicked for having a high ping. & The only way to "Bookmark" a server is after you join it.

try using xfire and save them to your favourite servers.

and btw where can I download this? It is free isnt it? would be great for the next LAN.
Posted 10:53am 27/6/09
I was playing it last night after a bit of fart arsing around to get it working.

It downloads about 300-400megs and to my surprise it was downloaded from iinet's freezone (probably 3fl).

It is a massively noob friendly game, so much so that you don't have a great deal of control over initial server choice. Luckily for me I was randomly allocated a GA server and I bookmarked it (press tab+f5 in game), now I can goto the options tab and choose a book marked server.

The error message are a bit vague though, eg: We couldn't connect you to the server at the moment, try again later.

I think that was because the server was full...

The gameplay itself is normal FPS, the vehicles are very kiddy though. Planes are next to useless except as quick transport, they need bombs on them.

It is good as a game to play with the younger ones if you have them, if you don't .. well play L4D and whatnot :D

Posted 02:16pm 27/6/09
I'll chuck another 10 or more servers up now(on GA). Hopefully that'll stop people being shunted offshore then booted for high pings.

Articuz, you can't download it to run on LANs and I'm not sure you will be able to in future.

Currently it's only EA BF partners(whatever the f*** it's called) that can run servers, and you need to use the big Play Now button on their site to fire it up.

People will probably find ways around most things so they can play it and run servers on LANs etc., but it obviously won't be ranked and you wouldn't have your unlocks, since that info isn't stored locally from what I can tell so far.
Posted 02:25pm 27/6/09
you can't download it to run on LANs and I'm not sure you will be able to in future.

Posted 03:34pm 27/6/09
its sorta fun i played it a few months ago... installed win7 then didnt bother reinstalling. will rather play bf1943.
Posted 07:12pm 27/6/09
isnt this exactly the same thing as 1943???, id rather support something thats for PC rather than some s***** grab for money console port. Even though both are owned by the same company?
Posted 01:52am 28/6/09
Nothing like 1943. Also this is both free and not a port :\. BF heroes is pc only >.<
Posted 10:43am 28/6/09
However with the server choice limitations, the lack of full up/down viewing (you cant look down past ~45degs, and other bits and pieces you would be forgiven if you think it was originally for a console then they changed their minds..

The GuVna
Posted 11:10am 28/6/09
I'm liking it, it's nice & simple, looks cool & the shotty & rapid fire power kicks arse :P

Oh & its free
Posted 11:12am 28/6/09
bf1943 is coming out for PC, but september rather than june which is the console release date. i'll just be waiting until september...
Posted 12:47pm 28/6/09
Just gave the game a shot. It feels like a very streamlined and lean Battlefield 1942, which I don't mind. When you create a 'Heroe' it isn't very clear why you need to assign a name to it. I found out later that that name is displayed in-game, DOH!
Just like The GuVna, I keep getting auto-kicked for high ping, so I've only had the chance to play it for 30sec intervals :( This game seriously needs an in-game server browser! Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions to work around the matchmaking system?
Besides this seriously infuriating issue I think this game has potential as a casual game to be played every now and then, plus it's free.
Posted 01:21pm 28/6/09
seems like a cheap tf2 knockoff.
Posted 04:27pm 28/6/09
It's nothing like TF2.
Posted 04:58pm 28/6/09
Mr Bumpy. When you join book mark the server, in the login screen somewhere you can connect to book marked servers, it gives the server name. Just check that it is a GA server. There are several of them.
Posted 12:12am 29/6/09
Thanks Tollaz0r!, but the problem is I can't join a GA server in the first place :( I've had one good game so far, which lasted around 20mins, but every other game I'm kicked out within 30secs for a high ping. For some reason the matchmaking system keeps connecting me to overseas servers and never a GA server.
Posted 01:27am 29/6/09
I tried a few times myself today, much of the same as bumpy.
Posted 09:23am 29/6/09
its a pc fps for kids/console users
Posted 09:31am 29/6/09
LOL consoles r 4 kidz!!1
Posted 06:04pm 30/6/09
matchmaking is for noobs... why not let me pick servers every time? in every game? its the most annoying thing about console online play. it's what makes me want to stick to PC. and even PC is going down the matchmaking road...
how are you meant to find a favourite server otherwise
Posted 06:23pm 30/6/09
Yeah, matchmaking is stupid. Not all console games do it though. Killzone 2 has a normal server browser, which is nice to see.
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