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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:20am 25/06/09 | 12 Comments
At least that's what brand tracking firm, OTX, has told GamaSutra. According to the firm, who track brand awareness through a collective of consumers (essentially a focus group), as of May 40% of the selected collective for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brand were aware of the game's impending release, however, that awareness dropped to 20% upon Activision and Infinity Ward's removal of the Call of Duty moniker.

In spite of the above though, sheer marketing and media hyperbole (helped largely by E3, no doubt) still sees Modern Warfare 2 as one of the most highly ranked forthcoming releases among consumers as a 'must have' title.

"Despite this dramatic drop in awareness, the purchase intent for Modern Warfare 2 remains very strong," Nick Williams of OTX told GamaSutra. "In our latest charts based on the last four weeks of data, Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360 ranks as the sixth most anticipated title."

Whether or not the drop of "Call of Duty" will see the title lagging behind the first in terms of sales will remain to be seen. Interesting statistics though.

modern warfare 2

Latest Comments
Posted 11:25am 25/6/09
I'll be grabbing that for sure.
Posted 12:44pm 25/6/09
Already pre-ordered ^^
Posted 01:29pm 25/6/09
this game seems like another halo.
Posted 01:32pm 25/6/09
you say that like its a bad thing.
Posted 02:52pm 25/6/09
Just on the topic though why did they remove the brand name from it?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:51pm 25/6/09
read our preview right here it's the opening portion...
Posted 07:39pm 25/6/09
Here's hoping it doesn't get stuck up for $us89.90 on Steam like the first one.
Posted 03:41pm 26/6/09
Ah, sorry Steve, forgot that bit.

Doesn't really make much sense from a marketing point of view anyway though...
Posted 03:43pm 26/6/09
when's it due?
Posted 03:53pm 26/6/09
Doesn't really make much sense from a marketing point of view anyway though...
Why? Just slap "from the creators of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" into all the ads and people will get the idea. I bet most people will see an ad for it at the cinema in a couple of months anyway, just like COD4.
Posted 03:58pm 26/6/09
I think it's a good change, the whole MW2 thingo.
Posted 04:18pm 26/6/09
Ah, sorry Steve, forgot that bit.
Why are you apologising to steve? That still doesnt explain why they dropped "COD" from the title.
They are probably trying to start another franchise, So people wont go "oh cod6 6 months after cod5, nice brand whoring EA"
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