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Post by Dan @ 07:32pm 24/06/09 | 12 Comments
As is standard for all big retail MMO's, NCSoft's forthcoming Aion will be packing a limited edition release for eager gamers that pre-order. Aussie distributer QV Software have now revealed the details on what Australian gamers can expect, exclusive to retailers EB Games and Game.
Aion Collectors Edition exclusive to EB Games RRP: AUD$119.95
  • 6 1/2-inch hand-painted figurine of the powerful Aiva, a female winged Asmodian Daeva. Aiva sports detachable wings and wields a removable axe.
  • Exclusive in-game items, including the Black Cloud Wings, which greatly enhance flight time, the Black Cloud Earring, which boosts health and mana while playing
  • An exclusive title that enhances an avatars abilities
  • Two exclusive character animations, called emotes, as well as a special dye color to customise player avatars equipment
  • Official Aion soundtrack by composer Yang Bang-Ean (known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan),
  • Aion game client
  • Quick reference card
  • Game manual
  • 2 dual sided posters depicting maps of Elysea and Asmodae, the home regions of the two player races

Aion Limited Edition exclusive to GAME RRP: AUD$99.95
  • Special LE exclusive downloadable in-game character ring
  • Premium steel book case
  • 20-page concept art booklet
  • Official Aion soundtrack by composer Yang Bang-Ean (known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan)
  • Game manual
  • Quick reference guide
  • Aion game client

Both packages include 30 days of game time. After 30 days, a monthly subscription fee of AUD$20.00 thereabouts for the game service will apply. Pre-order purchases, available at retail stores late June/ early July, can be applied to the Aion Limited Edition and Collectors Edition or the standard edition of Aion. Details about pre-order benefits and subscription pricing options for Aion will be announced at a later date.
Full details can be found in the complete press release. Check back because AusGamers will have a detailed Aion preview write-up online tomorrow.

Update: QVS have now officially confirmed a September 23rd 2009 Australian release date for Aion and AusGamers in-depth preview can now be found right here.

aionlimited editioncollectors edition

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Posted 07:59pm 24/6/09
Additionally, a closed beta "preview" weekend just ended, which was available to previous beta testers and pre-order customers.

The next closed beta event begins on Thursday, July 2nd, and will be available to this same group. An open beta is expected closer to release data, followed by a wipe of all character data prior to launch. The game is currently projected to launch mid September, so there is some time to wait yet.

For anyone considering downloading the game client for early beta access, keep in mind that it is approximately ~6GB in size, and download speeds during the actual events tend to be slow - you are better off getting the client early in preparation, rather then spending half of the allotted playtime staring at a 30 KB/s progress box.
Posted 05:35am 25/6/09
my god making it exclusive to EB is so gay, I make it my business to never purchase games from there so I'm out!
Posted 08:29am 25/6/09
Longdong played the beta and was talking it up.

In saying that Longdong has played pretty much every mmo ever released including such weak titles as world war 2 online. But he said it was massively pretty and enjoyable at least at low level.

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Posted 09:03am 25/6/09
I watched Dan play this. he made his character look like a ladyboy
Posted 09:14am 25/6/09
Sif ladyboy, my Azmodian is a viking mofo.

There are a lot of ladyboy looking peeps running around though.
Posted 09:19am 25/6/09
There are a lot of ladyboy looking peeps running around though.

explains why dan and longdong like it
Posted 09:19am 25/6/09
I'm interested to hear what its like up to max level, and more importantly, at max level.
Posted 09:37am 25/6/09
Hmm this is an asian MMO, if you ever get to max level, props to you!
Posted 10:22pm 16/9/09
Posted 10:59pm 16/9/09
why would you bump such an old thread jim.
Posted 12:07am 17/9/09
it was already bumped, I just didn't notice the date
Posted 10:40pm 25/11/09
what the f*** are you talking about? youre the one that bumped it.

f***** retard.
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