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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:40pm 23/06/09 | 14 Comments
We were given some extensive access to Modern Warfare 2 at this year's E3 in the way of a behind-closed-doors demo that showed off much more of the game's single-player campaign in the snow.

On top of being able to see a lot of the game's advancements in both a technical and gameplay sense, we also asked a few sneaky questions about items such as multiplayer and just why they dropped "Call of Duty" from the game's title.

If you're keen for a more in-depth look at what will arguably be the most successful game this year, check out our full preview.

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Posted 04:59pm 23/6/09
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:27pm 23/6/09
I also think a multiplayer map with NPCs you need to avoid would be cool - but I highly doubt that would ever make it through...
Posted 05:58pm 23/6/09
How would that even work in multi?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:19pm 23/6/09
negative XP :P

Maybe just a no fire situation or something... it could be implemented
Posted 06:58pm 23/6/09
i wonder if they're going to have something different instead of the chopper/dogs for 7 kills
Posted 07:00pm 23/6/09
Looks cool, i enjoyed Modern warfare hope it cuts the mustard gameplay wise.
Posted 08:11pm 23/6/09
I think Steve means a hostage scenario like from cs?
Posted 08:23pm 23/6/09
I know AA2 had some maps where there were NPC's, they either didn't move or had terribad AI, if you hit them it's violating the rules of engagement. I also doubt they would have something like that in CoD.
Posted 08:48pm 23/6/09
i think steve is saying an NPC group that can shoot you. so you have to avoid them at all costs while trying to find the enemy. would work great in a team based fps game
Posted 08:52pm 23/6/09
hahah you guys got had "campaign in the snow"

"wow it's so white"
Posted 09:35pm 23/6/09
I also think a multiplayer map with NPCs you need to avoid would be cool

I've always wanted this in a multiplayer game ever since playing BF2. Would add the "think before you shoot" element sorely lacking in current games - and would be a vast improvement than the old "friendly fire on" which is a b**** when you have retards in game.

Possible punishments could include more than just -xp.
For example:

- Weapon jam for "X" seconds
- Forced weapon drop without recovery
- Mirror health loss
- Shock of killing an innocent (think of really bad flashbang) perhaps?

Heaps of different ways to add this into gameplay
Posted 09:19am 25/6/09
i cant wait for this
Posted 12:35pm 29/6/09
lol hermitach is describing counter strike
Posted 03:08am 16/11/09
I have it. I played the campaign in 6 hours, 2 minutes. I played multiplayer for 2 days, ranking up (frustratingly having to UNLOCK hardcore mode, rather than just having it as a mode you can play from the get-go). I blue screened at the end of one game on the 3rd day. I log back on. I have to start from scratch, at Private, level 1. I have lost the will to play. I havnt touched it in 2 days. Lack of dedicated servers added to this loss of morale.

Dont buy it unless you dont care about having the multiplayer matchmaking system join you to games with s***** ping, when there are better ones out there. Or if it doesnt auto-balance the teams, and your on your own fighting 7 enemies.
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