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Post by Dan @ 12:54pm 17/06/09 | 20 Comments
Radical Entertainment's Prototype, the only game from the Vivendi stable that survived the Activision Blizzard merger can now be found in stores nationwide. Other titles that didn't make the cut include Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend so Prototype must have something pretty special to stand above those right?

We're not so sure about that. Find out why in AusGamers in-depth review.


Latest Comments
Posted 02:57pm 17/6/09
Is the game expecting a DLC in the near future? Maybe some free updates similar to what valve do with TF2?
Posted 03:08pm 17/6/09
I played a bit of this game. Fully hooked on it. Its the one game that you know its going to take a while to get through and you love every minute of it.
Posted 03:43pm 17/6/09
Except for those few awful minutes right? :)

I haven't finished it yet, but that boss fight where you fight the Supreme Hunter with his other constantly spawning Hunter friends is f*****g ridiculous even on Normal mode. I ended up gliding around at the top of the building and letting the military shoot at it for about 10 mins, then swooped in to finish it off.

Perhaps I just hadn't bought the right skills for the task, but a lot of reviews seem to be mentioning difficulty spikes during the game.
Posted 03:51pm 17/6/09
i am keen to give this a whirl. but then i know i will get addicted... damn computer game industry
Posted 03:53pm 17/6/09
No multiplayer!
Posted 04:01pm 17/6/09
sounds disappointing:

i thought this was gonna be awesome
Posted 04:43pm 17/6/09
It's not bad, don't take my rant to mean the whole thing is bad. There's just a few sections where you have to retry way more than you should.

Did I read something about normal being the new hard? Or was it hard is the new normal?
Posted 05:10pm 17/6/09
Also in those boss battles trying to pick up rocket launchers is a b****, if you try to stop to pick one up the boss will catch and smash you, and it seems impossible to pick them up on the run (picking up cars on the run is a synch though. This also applies to normal battles, but at least there you can run away or jump in a chopper/tank.

Other than that its good fun.
Posted 05:34pm 17/6/09
Looks alright, might buy it after a price drop.

Seems to have lost most points in the review for being a samey superhero game, with samey cliche writing and a boss battle concept that went out of fashion a long while back.

Dan says buy (rent) it or the sandbox, I can see myself doing that.
Posted 08:18am 18/6/09
It's a shame they cut out the co-op multiplayer mode last year, would of been great fun winging a car at my mates head while he was busy with a hunter.
Posted 05:04pm 18/6/09
Ah yes *lists features of the game as found on back of box* *doesnt actually approach the game in a critical manner* *fails to mention the games biggest attract and detractors* *gives the game a disproportionately low score due to having a daring against-the-grain scoring scale* another review in the bag
Posted 05:09pm 18/6/09
Hashy - the reviewer of game reviewers (and s***k***).
Posted 06:18pm 18/6/09
I thought this game was pretty fun and all round awesome. Achieved what it was aiming to achieve. If you can remember all the moves, counters, special moves etc you are pretty unstoppable. There are so many damn enemies on screen at once that being unstoppable is just the key to funtimes. 8/10 imo
Posted 07:30pm 18/6/09
There's only 1 system to get this game on:


For reasons i cannot go into detail about.
Posted 01:11pm 28/6/09
This game is awesome. Most fun I have had in a single player game in a long time. I don't agree one bit with a 6.7/10. This is at least an 8 IMO.
Posted 01:21pm 28/6/09
Yeh this game rocks. I finished it a week ago and still hooked on finishing all the sub missions as well.
Posted 02:44pm 28/6/09
This game is all kinds of awesome. Get it. 10.
Posted 05:05pm 28/6/09
A few minor camera niggles and things, but pretty f*****g awesome otherwise. 9/10.
Posted 05:19pm 28/6/09
Its pretty fun, but its meaningless fun. I find myself not really giving a s*** about the characters or the story or whats going on, I just want to run up buildings and throw cars at helicopters and f*** s*** up cos its fun. Side missions are also completely pointless and a bit repetitive, but yeah, its fun for a few hours.
Posted 06:44pm 28/6/09
I have to agree that the story isnt overly captivating and yes, some minor camera annoyances, but it is still FUN.

Iv only played around 4 - 5 hours so far but am enjoying it, occassionally taking a time out to just destroy whatever part of the city I am in, however I am wishing there was some more combat abilities. My biggest gripe is how you start the game with a heap of cool s*** and then 5 mins later you have travelled back 18 days and you can only punch people. What a c*** tease.

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