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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:19pm 15/06/09 | 10 Comments
From our preview session with BioWare Austin at this year's E3, we have an extensive and in-depth preview of their upcoming Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, showcasing the first actual gameplay demo with examples of unique faction classes, class abilities and an example of just how deep the story-shaping decision-making element of the game will actually be.

If you're at all interested in moving from goblins, orcs, boars and griffins to jawas, banthas, womp rats and wookies, Star Wars: The Old Republic is for you.

Hit this link for our full preview.

star wars: the old republicpreview
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:23pm 15/6/09
Great interview - was wondering about races. One of the most informative articles to come out of E3.

Just wondering: Did you see a selection of player races?
Posted 09:43pm 15/6/09
Sounds big, and more involving hopefully. Fully voiced characters make a big difference towards immersion.
Posted 09:44pm 15/6/09
Cool. Too bad didn't see anymore gameplay but looks awesome.

I'm so f***en excited for this.
Posted 09:57pm 15/6/09
So is Stinky going to hook us up with some private beta invites? I'm really excited about this game.
Posted 08:35am 16/6/09
Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck...
Posted 09:18am 16/6/09
I was in the same preview session as Steve and can say one thing with certainty, if the rest of the game and main narrative is as fleshed out as what we were shown, at the very least it will be KOTOR 3.

By that I mean: even if the MMO part of the experience fails to gain enough traction, when buying the box, we're still going to get one kickass story-driven, BioWare quality RPG to play through.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:59am 16/6/09
What I thought was interesting was they really only mentioned other RPG elements and made a massive point to focus on the stuff they're doing that's different.

But I'm really interested in the crafting and farming portion of the game - it'd be a safe bet you make money as the smuggler, err, smuggling weapons and the bounty hunter, err, bounty hunting...
Posted 11:49am 16/6/09
Urge to watch the Star Wars Saga rising... >_<
Posted 02:12pm 16/6/09
You must resist your dark urges!
Posted 06:00pm 16/6/09
This looks alright doesn't it. I would like to see however a more neutral or freelance part too it. As character classes like the smuggler and bounty hunter are pigeon holed to the republic and empire.

However there are supposed to be a far few factions withing each Allegiances, so you I hope to see grey knights, and right wing republicans.
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