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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:43pm 06/06/09 | 14 Comments
It's a bit of a Left 4 Dead 2 celebration around here, but in the spirit of a New Orleans mardi-gras, we figure why not. So, after asking Valve to comment on all the community issues with the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2, we thought some hands-on time was the next best step and so yours truly sat in front of one of Valve's stunning monitors, fired up the mouse and got ready to slam a chainsaw clear through a zombie's head.

For our full impressions of the game click this link. Of course for more information and links to various media and editorial, check out our game page.

e3 2009left 4 dead 2preview
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:14pm 06/6/09
Interesting stuff.
Posted 09:02pm 06/6/09
I don't think it was the cost that put people off, more splitting community, would have been better as an expansion pack rather than a new game.
Posted 10:38pm 06/6/09
Well the cost of the game and the uptake by those with L4D are tied together. If they dished out some nice new DLC for half the price of the full game, most people would buy it. However they've done the opposite and now it's going to be split right down the middle. I for one wont be buying L4D2.
Posted 10:42pm 06/6/09
DLC that would include far more than the original ever did :\
Posted 12:28am 07/6/09
I for one wont be buying L4D2.

No worries, I'll enjoy it more without you.
The GuVna
Posted 10:59am 07/6/09
I for one will be buying L4D2

Posted 04:28pm 07/6/09
i thought this was funny

Posted 08:37am 08/6/09
LOL i have always read these comments and NEVER posted anything but...

That video is bloody hilarious and a must watch for any L4D fan.

Sadly i am silly enough to buy L4D2 :-(
Posted 11:14am 08/6/09
Don't believe the anti-hype, this game is going to be worth the price of admission when it ships this November 17.
I'm going to buy into the anti-hype. It's free. The unfinished game was $50.
Posted 06:39am 14/6/09
The first game is beautiful with 3 play modes (campaign, survival, and versus) and I'm looking forward to the second one. I'll continue to support the franchise just like I'll continue to buy CS, TF, and DOD games too.
Posted 10:35am 14/6/09
lol, great vid!

I bought L4D when it was on special, so I'm not too cut about L4D2 - but I'll likely wait till they have it on special before buying it.

The biggest concern is splitting the community and while Gabe has acknowledged that issue and says they're looking into solving it, I don't quite see how they can.
Posted 02:08pm 14/6/09
they can solve it by releasing more content for L4D like they should, instead of making another game you have to buy especially so soon after the first one

Posted 02:47pm 14/6/09
if it was a sequel to any other game, no one would give a s***.
Posted 08:47pm 14/6/09
Hehe, nice vid ravn0s
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