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Post by trog @ 11:12am 05/06/09 | 10 Comments
Fresh from E3, we've got the trailer for Gran Turismo 5, the next in the series of the granddaddy of PlayStation racing games. Not of a lot of other information about it just yet, but the trailer shows lots of sweet rides going really fast, which I guess is the sort of thing you want in a racing game.

gran turismo 5

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Posted 11:19am 05/6/09
oh hells yes

Posted 11:51am 05/6/09
looks like there's even some nascar in there, i can finally fulfill my dream of turning left really fast!
Posted 11:55am 05/6/09
holy f*****g bats***!

I would buy a Ps3 just to play that..
Posted 12:08pm 05/6/09
apparently they're going to have ferraris in this offering, how exciting
Posted 12:28pm 05/6/09
I would buy a Ps3 just to play that..

I did - 2 years ago.....
Posted 03:01pm 05/6/09
So we will only get 16 grid NASCAR races? They will have to nail the physics to get NASCAR right though, will be interesting to see how well they do it.

Looking forward!
Posted 04:28pm 05/6/09
They will have to nail the physics to get NASCAR right though

turning left - it's serious business
Posted 04:37pm 05/6/09
i will not buy a ps3 or this game unless it has a daewoo lanos in it
Posted 06:02pm 05/6/09
turning left - it's serious business

Anyone with a clue of NASCAR sims know it's a s***load more complicated than that. asymmetrical car setups, drafting, pressure drag etc etc etc, it's complicated business.
Posted 06:09pm 05/6/09
Spook, you got more of a chance to have existence coming out and saying he's gay than a lanos in GT5.
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