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Post by trog @ 10:00am 05/06/09 | 9 Comments
From Valve:
Steam now offers two new information sources for gamers. A weekly top-ten list of game sales is now available each week, published via an RSS feed. The list is updated each Sunday morning and reports the previous week's top performers on the platform. In addition, the Steam web site now also lists all active discounts, right on the home page, so bargain shoppers no longer have to hunt through the Steam store to find out which games are on special. See the current specials list in the tabbed area on, and subscribe to the Weekly Top Sellers list at
Personally I think they've done it the wrong way - I'd much rather have an RSS feed for the specials that I can keep an eye on - I'm much more likely to buy a game if I notice it in my RSS feed on special.


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Posted 11:25am 05/6/09
That's the logical way of thinking though trog ... and you can't expect the peeps at Steam to think logically now can you....
Posted 12:22pm 05/6/09
Is there any kind of easy way to know when games are on special. My only decent source right now is OzBargain.
Posted 12:24pm 05/6/09
Posted 12:51pm 05/6/09 ?

Nice find! Never seen that before.

I had a look at that Steam front page and the XPath to games on special is really simple:


Could knock-up a PHP script to scrape it and email yourself when certain games come on special. Or even just scrape it and write your own XML output for a custom RSS feed.

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Posted 12:45pm 05/6/09
Sweet, that site looks good.
Posted 06:10pm 05/6/09
Trog's idea would be best.
Posted 10:57pm 05/6/09
+1 ecogamer

I do like the new tabs on the steam page however.
Posted 10:22am 06/6/09
Penumbra Pack is on special for just US$5this weekend... anyone played it? Any good?

Posted 10:56am 06/6/09
No idea, but I bought it anyway. I've spent more on s***** lunches, so I'll give it a go.
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