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Post by Dan @ 03:30pm 29/05/09 | 5 Comments
Another E3 announcment has jumped the gun with Bethesda revealing a new "multiplayer focused" First Person Shooter from UK Developer Splash Damage [Enemy Territory Quake Wars]. Props to Hashy from the forums for the heads up.

All we really have so far is a teaser trailer from the official site, which you can now check out right here on AusGamers.

With E3 kicking off next week, we'll be sure to find out more about this one in the coming days. Until then, speculate away!

brinkteaser trailer

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Posted 03:46pm 29/5/09
thx for locking my thread you halo-playing, beer-guzzling plebian
Posted 03:51pm 29/5/09
so is this the bethesda game that was going to be announced?
Posted 04:07pm 29/5/09
I remain teased. The flash website made me hate on it. Anyone else over the teaser trailer phenomenon? I'd rather see ONE GOOD SCREENSHOT than an overproduced 30 second trailer that shows no substance whatsoever. Actually I'd rather see a dot point bullet list of features too.
Posted 04:11pm 29/5/09
I don't mind teaser trailers, they seem to do their job and get people paying attention, but I agree that flash promo sites suck.

I much prefer the simple sites that have screenshots you can download and a forum you can read and post on, without having to wait through a buffering interface.
Posted 04:56pm 29/5/09
what about the 6 countdown clocks on that new mgs game, that is fbs.
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