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Post by Python @ 11:33am 29/05/09 | 21 Comments
John Carmack has put up a progress update on getting doom for the iPhone.
I have been spending the majority of my time working on iPhone Doom Classic for several weeks now, and the first beta build went out to some external testers a couple days ago. I am moving back on to Rage for a while, but I expect to be able to finish it up for submission to the App Store next month.
The initial release will be for OS 2.x, and support multiplayer over WiFi. A later release will be for 3.x only, and support bluetooth multiplayer. I looked into the possibility of 3G multiplayer, but the latencies just aren't good enough -- I see 380 or so pings from my phone to local servers.
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Posted 11:51am 29/5/09
It will also be available for the ipod touch:
Posted 12:16pm 29/5/09
aw yeah! MP over wifi will rock.

tdm in the office ftw
Posted 12:46pm 29/5/09
I still haven't bought any iPod Touch apps! I don't think I'll buy this either; I have a PC. I hope there's a demo version tho, I'll happily play map01 over and over and over
Posted 12:54pm 29/5/09
I played the Wolfenstein demo on my iphone the other day, and it was very awkward to hold and play. As good as the game is, the iphone just isn't designed for FPS games IMO.

I would expect the same from Doom.
Posted 01:01pm 29/5/09
Here's something I read about the controls for Wolf3d on the iphone.

Those complaining about the controls in Wolfy3d for iPhone haven't configured the game correctly. Set it so you tilt the phone to move left/right at about 60% sensitivity, and then have the button to shoot on the right while forward/backwards is on the left. It feels 100% natural and it's much more satisfying to play than the original Wolfy.
Posted 01:04pm 29/5/09
That sounds ok. I might give it another chance. Thanks.
Posted 01:18pm 29/5/09
2 weeks would have been better!
Posted 01:27pm 29/5/09
i crank out wolf3d all the time, its one of the more decent games available on iphone, so yeah ill buy doom.
Posted 04:34pm 29/5/09
Wolf3D has great iPhone controls, and they are fully changeable if you don't like the defaults.

I paid ~$6 for Wolf, certainly won't pay the same for Doom considering it'll most likely drop to ~$2 after a month or two.
Posted 05:46pm 29/5/09
yeah wolf3d rocks on the iphone, can't get enough of it, controls are well thought out, (not that there are many) but it works well with the iphone.
Posted 05:47pm 29/5/09
$1.19 for ATC and I'm hooked.. stupid f*****g planes!@%!@
Posted 05:52pm 29/5/09
What's your best score? Mine is ~75.
Posted 05:56pm 29/5/09
Only got it yesterday and up to level 14
Posted 06:01pm 29/5/09
Level??? They have levels now?!?
Posted 06:03pm 29/5/09
ATC 4.0 is the one I've got, you got a different app? It's easily confused with another game .. as evidenced by my mate who said "OMG OMG OMG GET ATC IT'S AWESOME" and then it turns out he was talking about a different game. Luckily for him, ATC is still awesome though.
Posted 11:30pm 29/5/09
What's your best score? Mine is ~75.

Are you referring to Flight Control?

If so 94.
Posted 12:16am 30/5/09
ummm for the people with HTC dream its been out for ages... if u own the full game you can even put your WAD file on your phone without feeling guilty

I've got the shareware version on mine, runs pretty smooth. I dont get much time to play it buts its not bad.
Posted 01:20am 30/5/09
God damn jumbo jets just barging in like they own the place.

52 is my best :(
Posted 07:04am 30/5/09
Yeh I was talking about Flight Control :)

ATC 4.0 has an average rating of 2.5 :/
Posted 10:27am 30/5/09


Yeah I didn't buy wolf3d mostly because doom had been announced, and I don't want to pay for both.
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