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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:13pm 28/05/09 | 7 Comments
Capcom have released a demo for the PSP outing, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is available for all to download now.
The demo of Japan's most successful PSP title is coming to PAL territories on May 28th, giving wannabe hunters the chance to experience three dangerous quests from the game ahead of its release on June 26th. Sony PSP owners can download the demo directly to their PSP free of charge via the PSP Store by selecting the store icon and connecting using their PSN ID or they can download to their PS3 console and simply transfer the demo across.
Having experienced the advertising strength of the series in Japan when we visited the Land of the Rising Sun for last year's TGS, Monster Hunter is massive. Could it be the next Pokemon?

monster hunter freedom unitepsp

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Posted 12:42pm 28/5/09
I've tried Monster Hunter on the PSP, even buying the 1st game and I just can't get used to it. Now if they would localize the PC MMO version then i'd be all over that s***...
Posted 01:02pm 28/5/09
in japan you can hop on the train, load up monster hunter and instantly find someone else to play with. this culture does not exists anywhere else except for a school yard(and even then nintendo dominate that market).

so monster hunter will never be anythin big outside of japan, which is a f*****g shame cause the game is co-op handheld awesomeness, but not worth buying unless you got a few buddies that you can play with on a consistent basis.
Posted 09:01am 29/5/09
I've tried getting into the MH games, but just can't. Spent about 7-8hrs playing MH2 Freedom and whilst I get the whole "it's not a button bashing fighter" concept, it just doesn't do much for me. It's a nice concept though and might be more fun Multiplayer (if I actually knew people with the game & a psp).
Posted 02:00pm 23/6/09
can i download monster hownload itunter unite demo i have a psp slim black but is not hack can i d
Posted 02:04pm 23/6/09
can i download the demo ai dont have my psp hack but can i download it or not
Posted 06:12pm 23/6/09
When i was in japan, just about everywhere i looked all the kids are playing nothing but monster hunter on psp. It was ridiculous how many people were into it!

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Posted 02:07am 05/7/09
The fact that Unite is coming out really doesn't faze me because Me and my friends have already mastered 2nd G before the english version was being released to the US. I would still buy it in hopes that the franchise would grow in America.
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