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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:06am 28/05/09 | 13 Comments
The John Peddie Research group in the US have put together a report outlining spending in the games market during this recession, but have put most of their effort into the PC market, and have come up with some very promising results.
The total PC Gaming Hardware market is forecasted to drop US$1.4 billion (-7%) in 2009 versus 2008 (from US$20.07 to US$18.65 billion.). The decline is due to reduced sales because of the recession, and lower prices on PCs and components (also due to the recession and competitive pressures.) But, in such an environment, PC gaming systems seem to have suffered the least discounting which illustrates the value consumers place on such systems.
It's true the PC gaming platform has seen a return to form thanks largely to the success of titles like World of WarCraft and Valve's Steam service, but it's equally good to know the hardware side of things is still well and truly in check.
Furthermore, in 2009 the PC Gaming Hardware Market, approaching $19 billion, is forecasted to eclipse the hardware market for all gaming consoles combined by almost $2 billion. (Console costs include the console, a certain amount of accessories, and a factor for the cost of an HDTV to display the games on.)
PC purists (such as Trog) will be more than happy with this news, as it means the old desktop platform most likely won't be abandoned yet. Take that consoles!


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Posted 11:34am 28/5/09
since when were desktops gonna be phased out??? consoles are s***.
Posted 11:39am 28/5/09
people will still buy pcs coz you can use them for other things than just games & in this technological age it's a disadvantage not to have a pc & internet connection. there is no real disadvantage to not owning a console.. it's a luxury. asif desktop pcs will ever be abandoned by game software companies... srsly asif.
Posted 11:48am 28/5/09
srsly asif.
Cloud computing will remove all things bar a network connection and monitor if it is as speculated and works in practice magically.

Posted 11:51am 28/5/09
I see the desktop phasing out for laptops in a few years, at least the tower anyway. The technology for portable computers is catching up fast.
Posted 03:25pm 28/5/09
I think cloud gaming in the magical "remote server renders every frame and my PC displays them" is basically impossible for most genres, anything more than a few msec of latency will ruin it.

Having said that, I think dumb clients that can download textures and render but the game logic runs "in the cloud" (hence eliminating piracy for all genres in the same way that MMO's work) are definitely on the horizon though.
Posted 03:30pm 28/5/09
(hence eliminating piracy for all genres in the same way that MMO's work)

I think remote authorisation is enough to prevent piracy (e.g., EA games like Battlefield genre, Call of Duty 4 and so on)

Main limitation to cloud games in my opinion now is physics simulation. State-of-the art physics is client predicts physics and server corrects physics on the client. You interpolate between current and future state, and then hopefully the client is reasonably close to the server, so when the server corrects the objects states on the client(s) they only jitter a minute amount. Removes any perception of simulation latency.
Posted 05:13pm 28/5/09
Pinky; your example fits mine. In 3d Multiplayer games, the gamic logic is executing remotely (on the server you connect to). So unless the server has been modified, piracy is not possible.

What I was saying is I think we will see the same principle applied to single-player games. You have the assets and 3D renderer running on your PC, but the logic runs remotely which allows the remote server to determine if you are allowed to play.

The Physics simulation/client prediction you discuss relies on the client being able to render frames itself, which is different to the "simply display fully rendered frames" model that some people discuss, which I dont see as possible.
Posted 12:29am 30/5/09
Recession = PC gaming rises because everyone will be pirating games cause they cant afford to pay for console versions. I'm actually a PC fan boy and always have been but I love my PS3 because i find the games are more polished and run more consistantly then their PC port counter ports in some cases even though i have a high perforamnce gaming pc. I guess its cause the programmers are less worried with compatibility then actual performance. I work for a software company and only know to well how much deadlines and other preassures can detract from the ACTUAL functionality and performance.

Also the multiplayer match up on consoles is screwed some games you can never play like GTA IV because it takes 30 mins for everyone to go to "ready". If your on a server you should ready to play why bother asking, just kick AFKers.
Posted 01:57pm 30/5/09
God damn Melbournians and their crazy rants!
Posted 03:20pm 30/5/09
I really dont think there can be a comparison made between PC and console. PC will always be my preferred platform. The only good thing about consoles is they're cheaper and more accessible to most of the community. Lets hope for a massive surge from PC developers again. Just my opinion guys :-)
Posted 08:42am 31/5/09
Due to a pc's scalability it remains supreme and thats another reason why we hate and love patchs.

I think consoles are an excellent cheap intro to pc games, but if the developers keep on making console games that run on the pc and not vise versa then they only have themselves to blame for the pc hardware companies demise.

Pull your golden finger out and fix DX10 (DXconsole) for the pc game developers, Mr gates.
Posted 09:52am 31/5/09
Don't agree that desktop towers will die anytime soon. The ATX form factor is very established and standardized making upgrades, maintenance and component production too efficient and pricepoint friendly.

Against that backdrop of competetion portables can only be a serious consideration for those who need or very much desire mobility gaming and are preapared to pay the significant premium associated.

Not to mention that there's big money in portable gaming, especially when attached to a device like the ds or iPhone ... Cos nobody really bought a PSP, did they ?!

last edited by Hogfather at 09:52:18 31/May/09
Posted 11:27pm 31/5/09
I like both, however I play my console a lot more now because after spending all day in front of a computer, I find it nicer to go home and play xbox on the couch.

yeah sure I could hook my PC up too it but its not really practical for home.

but no, I dont see PC gaming going anywhere soon.. also I would have too say this is a dumb statement.

I think consoles are an excellent cheap intro to pc games

Consoles when first released are certainly not cheap, nor are their games compared to PC. I like playing strategy games on my PC, however I much prefer FPS on the 360. Honestly a 46" tv and a proper home theatre and an awesome recliner makes gaming actually relaxing for me.
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