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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:16am 26/05/09 | 21 Comments
We mentioned quite some time ago there were rumours Nintendo and Retro Studios would be releasing an updated Metroid package containing all three games (Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption), but the official line from Nintendo has finally come through.
"Metroid Prime Trilogy puts the best first-person adventures all in one place, with a host of new additions that make these three timeless titles more engaging than ever," says Nintendo of America executive VP of sales and marketing, Cammie Dunaway. "A great deal of care and detail has gone into Metroid Prime Trilogy, providing longtime fans with new ways to experience the games they love."
There's no word on an Aussie release date just yet, but it will hit the US this August, so we shouldn't be too far behind. The trilogy will release on one disc with a single menu system tying all three games together. The Achievement system that was introduced to the Wii entrant, Corruption, has also been applied to the first two games along with widescreen support.

As a massive fan of all three games, I'm really looking forward to this Wii release - finally something hardcore from Nintendo, Now all we need is that Kid Icarus announcement...

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:22am 26/5/09
Woah that's awesome. I thought they were going to be 3 separate games. Only thing I hope they don't do is put too much wii motion controls in the game.
Posted 11:24am 26/5/09
will there be wii motion controls at all?

and yer, this will be awesome;
corruption was an excellent game;
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:30am 26/5/09
yeah, the first two games have been ported over to the Corruption engine, so Wii Motion Control has been implemented - wonder if they'll take advantage of MotionPlus as well.

I absolutely love this series - each year one was released they went up against bigger names and were kind of overshadowed, which is a shame because they're brilliant - Prime was so hard to complete with every scan and upgrade 100%
Posted 11:46am 26/5/09
ausome news...........
i didnt mind the motion aspect.....i guess thats why i have a wii.....
Posted 12:19pm 26/5/09
Yeh happy enough to wave my hands around like a loon, all good.
Posted 12:23pm 26/5/09
yeah, the first two games have been ported over to the Corruption engine, so Wii Motion Control has been implemented


I haven't played the third game yet so I will be picking this one up for sure.
Posted 12:37pm 26/5/09
Hmm... debating whether it's worth buying all three again...

I want a new one...
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:48pm 26/5/09
The last one went a bit Halo with the story - I'm kind of happy they've ended it where they did - I wonder if a Corruption save will translate to the trilogy???
Posted 12:58pm 26/5/09
Considering I haven't used my Wii in about a year I can't decide if it's worth buying this one either. Yeah, they're great games, it's just ai can't find time to sit down and play them anymore. And Metroid does take a fair amount of time to be able to concentrate on playing, let's face it.
Posted 01:17pm 26/5/09
best implementation of a fps on any console, imo
Posted 01:34pm 26/5/09
mp3 is a weak metroid prime but still owns because of how fun it is to play
Posted 01:49pm 26/5/09
Did they "fix" the backtracking problem in mp3?
Posted 02:01pm 26/5/09
No, it's a deliberate design choice to have stuff open up in other areas when you get new items.
Posted 04:25pm 26/5/09
Did they "fix" the backtracking problem in mp3?

what was the porblem?
Posted 04:28pm 26/5/09
Metroid Prime (1) with Wii aiming will be awesome
Posted 05:20pm 26/5/09
backtracking sucks in my opinion
Posted 05:27pm 26/5/09
Ooooh I never got around to completing all these, now I think I'll have reason to.
Posted 03:49pm 27/5/09
i put mp3 down for a couple of weeks midway thru the game. and due to the backtracking, i now have no idea what i was upto or where i was going......
ill be happy to get the new trilogy and just start again.....
scanning everything is kinda lame imho.........pain in the ass
Posted 10:18pm 27/5/09
Then just go play a generic FPS...
Posted 10:18pm 27/5/09
Then just go play a generic FPS...
Posted 05:28am 28/5/09
i played and finished metroid prime and loved it
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