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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:36pm 22/05/09 | 9 Comments
Just ahead of the film's super-close release, Warner Bros. Interactive and GRIN have released the expected videogame license to the film, and as equally expected, it doesn't really stand up.

A severe lack of countless features (no Christian Bale, being one) coalesce to reveal just what the term "bare bones" can mean. Terminator Salvation is short, short-lived and uninspired to a point, it'll be difficult for even the most die-hard Terminator fan to swallow.

But if you want the full skinny, check out our full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:11pm 22/5/09
Ahh, back to the standard fare for games based on movies :(
Posted 06:36pm 22/5/09
I dont understand why they cant just do the games and release them at a later time, at least polish the game off for a few extra months then release it. The Bourne Conspiracy game didnt coincide with the movie release and that did fairly well in the ratings.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:43pm 22/5/09
AGN Bourne Conspiracy Review we scored it even less than Terminator
Posted 06:54pm 22/5/09
Yeah this sucked. It could've been fairly decent. It wasn't all that bad, just that fighting the same 3 enemies in 5 separate skirmishes then having a section on rails isn't exactly amazing.

Even the parts where you were supposed to feel rushed and a sense of urgency just felt lazy, especially in when you're in the back of the train with the RPGs.
Posted 08:49pm 22/5/09
@Steve - I liked Bourne Conspiracy better than this, at least it felt like an interactive movie... This game hits all the wrong video game buttons - For me the only redeeming feature was the nicely lite ruined landscape... but sheesh five hours long - only four types of enemies ( five if you count the onrails parts) and s***-house direction and any Terminator franchise fan will feel short sheeted
Posted 01:24pm 23/5/09
it does have an awesome trailer though.
Posted 02:56pm 23/5/09
To think a game based on an eccentric detective and his sidekick doctor would be more entertaining than this is unbelievable.
Posted 11:41pm 24/5/09
Same old, same old.
Posted 01:11am 04/6/09

i went an saw terminator salvation tonight, my mate got some free tickets from some client of his or something for the advanced screening.

first, let me say after all the press that it was getting i was expecting it to suck and had very low expectations.

i will try not to give anything away, but just in case i will spoiler tag my following comments

these expectations were exceeded.

i thought the movie was pretty good and enjoyed it. there were some parts were i thought "lame", revolving around the usual lines they have decided they must include in this series of movies. also the attempt to make the ending "emotional" was very very weak and they should have left that whole sequence out.

in the order of movies, i rank it 3rd behind T1 (awesome) and T2 (very good). It was so much better then T3 (pile of s***) it isn't funny and i really can't comprehend some of the reviews it was getting at all.

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