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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:34pm 21/05/09 | 9 Comments
EA have let us know Sims fans and those eagerly anticipating the release of The Sims 3 can now experience the annoying nature of your ever-needy Sim by downloading the SimSideKick, a little Sim who follows your entire browsing.
The SimSidekick online application is a breakthrough tool that allows your Sim to react to every website you visit, amplifies social networking, and encourages fans to come together. Your SimSidekick will display a unique reaction to each website you visit which is based on their personalities and traits and the category of the website. For example, on Twitter.com your Sim will be surrounded by bluebirds and on MTV they'll get speakers and start rockin' out. Or on political sites, your SimSidekick will stand behind a
podium to give a speech.
If anyone decides to give this ago, please let us know how it is (for educational purposes).

You can grab the sidekick and check out more Sims activity right here (just click on the UK flag, not the Aussie one).

the sims 3simsidekickea

Latest Comments
Posted 03:50pm 21/5/09
What happens if you go to Hustler online?


Also, I know there's a lot of this going around, but isn't this a bit of a privacy concern? Presumably the SimSidekick contacts some webserver and checks the domain you are browsing against some list and then shows the appropriate animation. In other words, they can quite easily log your browsing behaviour.

Ha! The little test widget is cool. I put in Playboy's URL and it said, "Hmmm...is it getting hot in here?" and it showed a pulsating heart over the avatars chest, with a flame burning from his finger like a cigarette lighter.
Posted 05:31pm 21/5/09
i nominate trog as the official tester/guinea pig for this, enjoy mate
Posted 05:35pm 21/5/09
Pinky, go to tube8.com and select one of the million HOT HOUSEWIFE TAKING IT IN ASS AND SITTING ON HUSBAND videos. I want to see what little Sim does.
Posted 06:22pm 21/5/09
sounds like bonzai buddy or something. eeeeeeeviiiiiil
Posted 06:23pm 21/5/09
Bonzi Buddy again?
Posted 06:28pm 21/5/09
in other news, the Sims 3 is kinda cool, if you like that sort of thing.
Posted 12:17pm 24/5/09
it is annoying thats for sure
Posted 12:29pm 24/5/09
it prefers the ausgamers forums to the qgl.ausforums ones.

clearly its broken.
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