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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:31am 21/05/09 | 3 Comments
Overclocked Remix has posted up a beer-bottle remix of Koji Kondo's classic Legend of Zelda theme, by Mattias Holmgren.
"The other day while having the friday beer I came up with a weird idea (as always). Why not make a song totally made up of sounds from a Heineken bottle? So later that evening I went into my studio with a beer, sampled it in all kinds of weird ways. Clapping the bottom (makes for a good and solid bass drum sound), hitting the sides with my nails, a screwdriver and some other stuff..."
The end result is pretty cool, and there was no way we were keeping this one to ourselves, so enjoy!

legend of zelda

Latest Comments
Posted 11:49am 21/5/09
This is awesome, makes me want to play Zelda again. All of them.
Posted 12:02pm 21/5/09
Pretty impressive. Haven't been to OCRemix in years, forgot all about it.
Posted 12:45pm 21/5/09
that's awesome.

music of my groin!
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