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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:26am 19/05/09 | 11 Comments
We mentioned over the weekend Bloomberg had reported that Take-Two were suing 3D Realms, today Shacknews have a response up from 3D Realms co-founder, Scott Miller, who says "this, along with so much else, is 100% spin, being eaten up by those who have no clue whatsoever" in regards to the lawsuit claims.

According to reports, Take-Two offered 3D Realms $30 million for the DNF IP outright, and were suing them for $12 million - the sum they [Take-Two] paid for the publishing rights from Infogrames originally.

Check out the Shack report for more.

take-twoduke nukem forever

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Posted 11:19am 19/5/09
Hail to the king baby!
Posted 11:19am 19/5/09
Someone explain this to me because I normally misunderstand these things. Did you just say that basically they could just take 18 mil instead of 30 mil and they're not facing a huge amount of time wasted on a lawsuit?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:43am 19/5/09
Nah, it's more that 3D Realms are refuting the revealed lawsuit from Take-Two (or at least a lot of the details surrounding it), and are also answering to a lot of the rumours online
Posted 07:51pm 19/5/09
Only $30million, DNF is worth $30 billion *slams fist on desk*.
Posted 08:03pm 19/5/09
Hail to the king baby!
Oh yeah i forgot about that one.

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and i'm all outta gum.
Posted 08:03pm 19/5/09
So they want to go to court and not take the money for the IP?
Posted 08:50pm 19/5/09
Only $30million, DNF is worth $30 billion *slams fist on desk*.

Oh please, 3d realms hasn't wasted anywhere near that much money yet.
Posted 12:51pm 28/5/09
You're an inspiration for birth control.
Posted 12:52pm 28/5/09
I'll rip your head off and s*** down your neck
Posted 12:55pm 28/5/09
Posted 01:08pm 28/5/09
<3 Yahtzee's game reviews.
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