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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:54am 14/05/09 | 6 Comments
An ad found in a Japanese gaming publication has hit the net in past 12 or so hours, and points out Konami will soon be revealing Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima's, next project.

The ad is a double-page spread of a wide field with a looming storm which, MGS and Sony fanboys have been speculating non-stop, hides the shape of a snake, 'clearly' indicating the next instalment in the MGS franchise (or some sort of spin-off) will be the reveal.

Personally I'm hoping he hangs up the snakeskin boots and offers us something new. Apparently we'll all know as early as next Monday, May 18, so stay tuned.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:21am 14/5/09
Yeah, I thought he'd said he was done with Metal Gear and that others had taken over the reins. Hopefully it's some new IP.
Posted 08:41am 14/5/09
i love how he makes announcements about upcoming announcements.
Posted 11:10am 14/5/09
"Get excited... about being excited!"
Posted 11:50am 14/5/09
Yeah it seems like a new the hip thing to do. Announce you are going to announce something. It's annoying as hell, because you know that they know what the announcement is,

Hopefully it's a remake of Snatcher.
Posted 02:21pm 14/5/09
I think its a great show of how to do marketing on the cheap and get great results... take a simple 2 page age in one mag in one country and let the internet and its people do the work for you for free.

I'm sure if they created a bigger splash the interest would have been less.
Posted 03:53pm 15/5/09
2 page ad, on the cheap? ROFLMAO
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