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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:36pm 30/04/09 | 20 Comments
We just couldn't hold this one away from you. While doing the usual news trawls for your gaming news fix, we cam across this Wii game concept from a bunch of dudes at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. The idea is absolute gold, and having video footage just makes it even more enticing.

Check it out:

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.


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Posted 12:40pm 30/4/09
Mario Party Wii had a spray paint game. It was far more basic, but the concept was there.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:41pm 30/4/09
Imagine this with WiiMotionPlus (assuming they're not using it here)
Posted 01:14pm 30/4/09

it is okay if you are using it on a massive rear projection tv, but i can't see this being much fun on a normal flat panel or normal projector...
Posted 01:19pm 30/4/09
cool, seems to be pretty bad lag between the motion and the video on screen tho huh
Posted 01:41pm 30/4/09
I only watched the first few minutes but won't this just get banned like mark ecko's game if it's about spraypainting?!?!?!

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Posted 01:32pm 30/4/09
germany is full of great graffiti artists, you think they could have got someone to make something half decent.
Posted 01:34pm 30/4/09
If you're referring to that Marc Ecko Game. I'd say the reason that was banned had more to do with the way you played a character that snuck around in places they weren't supposed to be, spray painting stuff and punching people, rather than just the creation of graffiti.
Posted 03:15pm 30/4/09
Good as an art gallery installation, but for anything else a mix of useless and unaffordable.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:26pm 30/4/09
I think it could work.

I went up close to my stupidly large tv, turned on my Wii and waved the Remote about after putting the IR receiver on the top and had a fair amount of control
Posted 03:32pm 30/4/09
that looks for great for a******* who want to practice some s***** design that they will eventually spray all over my fence

Posted 03:50pm 30/4/09
Looks more like a proof of technology rather than a game concept with some legs to it.
Posted 05:03pm 30/4/09
I presume its not actually running on the Wii - 480p on a screen that big would presumably not look too good
Posted 10:18pm 30/4/09

This is the best thing in this thread! I hadn't heard about it until I saw this dropped casually in here.

Looks v cool - exactly what the Wii needs IMO (aside from HD, but nowai we'll see that for a while).

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Posted 09:27pm 30/4/09
+1 for they definatley should have got a real graffer to do a peice...

Instead its like wow mspaint..
Posted 12:27am 01/5/09
I like the look of this, I might buy it.
Posted 12:49am 01/5/09

My mates and I did a project exactly like this at uni in 2006 for final year Tangible Media project. Our project was shown in PC PowerPlay (july 07 - bioshock edition), and at a couple design festivals (IDN or something) in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

It used IR to communicate through a projection screen with some custom drivers written to translate it for UT2k4, the map based on the QUT Creative Industries precinct. It was built as an extension of the previous semesters project which we modeled the alley near Birdee Num Nums and rewrote the interface for Graffiti and tags.

You can read more and see pics here: http://unitseven.com.au/folio/index.php?page=4

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Posted 09:49am 01/5/09
Did they patent it? If they did, wait until its commercial and go CSIRO on their ass's :p
Posted 01:43am 03/5/09
I guess it might keep the crimes off the walls for a short while.
Posted 09:42am 03/5/09
I don't get how this is the best idea ever ?
Posted 11:14am 03/5/09
Idea of the year?
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