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Post by Dan @ 11:26am 30/04/09 | 37 Comments
Valve sends word that the popular cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be free to trial for 24 hours this Friday.
Beginning Friday at 12:01 am GMT, the PC version of Left 4 Dead will be available for a free 24-hour trial via Steam. The free trial will include access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC, which introduces a new multiplayer game mode and two additional Versus campaigns. Those who wish to give L4D and the Survival Pack a try may now pre-load everything needed to play with no obligation to purchase.
Midnight GMT is 10am tomorrow (Friday May 1st, 2009) Sydney time, so all PC gamers will be able jump on and see what the fuss is about, free of charge until 10am Saturday - at which time you'll have to pony up the purchase price if you want to continue. To get your preload started, fire up Steam or head over to

Update: Valve have now also just announced that L4D will be 40% off the regular price this weekend only, the perfect way to reel in any that take today's bait. details here.

left 4 deadfree

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Posted 11:33am 30/4/09
Don't do it! It's a trap to get you addicted and then make you buy it!
Posted 11:38am 30/4/09
do you play it trog?
Posted 11:44am 30/4/09
do you play it trog?
yeh I am addicted something fierce. I am still a bit of a newb at it though.
Posted 11:57am 30/4/09
Same here, enjoying it never the less.

What name are you playing under Trog?
Posted 12:00pm 30/4/09
Why not simply have a demo available? that was enough to get me to buy it!
Posted 12:04pm 30/4/09
Trog always plays under trog. I remember shooting him in the back constantly when he used to play ET.

What an a******.
Posted 12:55pm 30/4/09
Why not simply have a demo available? that was enough to get me to buy it!
I suspect they have crunched the numbers and have figured they get more sales by doing the occasional free weekend than by having a permanently available game out there. Especially for a game with not a lot of levels - how would a demo work? You could play it happily forever!@#
Posted 01:06pm 30/4/09

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Posted 03:08pm 30/4/09
The demo for it came out before it was released properly. It was just the first bit of the first level, or something short like that IIRC. Thats what got me to buy it. I guess it got taken down after the game released properly.
Posted 03:11pm 30/4/09
I'm addicted too. And once you've made sort of half-real online friends made more real by voice chat, and that's pretty much the only place you meet and greet, you are doomed...
Posted 04:31pm 30/4/09
I hope they put it on special as well cause its still more expensive over steam than getting a retail copy delivered from cdwow, which makes no sense to me.
Posted 04:49pm 30/4/09
heh yeah i got mine from cdwow =F
Posted 08:30pm 30/4/09
gotta feel sorry for peeps that missed the $25 deal that was on a while back..
Posted 08:40pm 30/4/09
cdwow dominates steam.
Posted 09:19pm 30/4/09
gotta feel sorry for peeps that missed the $25 deal that was on a while back..

I know. I paid $25, and I've been hanging out for the next deal so my mates can buy it *sigh*
Posted 09:33pm 30/4/09
Won't be playing with randoms this Friday, that's for sure.
Posted 09:54pm 30/4/09

VS mode is all about pwning randoms and n00bs ViscoS :P

hang on... *all* pub PC-based FPS MP is about pwning randoms and n00bs!

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Posted 10:05am 01/5/09
Just in: Left 4 Dead – 40% off this weekend only
In addition to the 24-hour free trial that just started, Left 4 Dead is now on sale at 40% off until Monday May 4th. L4D includes the recently released Survival Pack DLC, which introduces a new multiplayer game mode and two additional Versus campaigns.
Posted 10:11am 01/5/09
Just in: Left 4 Dead 40% off this weekend only
Does that mean i can buy 3 copies of this at 40% off and the 4th is still free? ala the normal deal? :D (im expecting the exclusive one deal at a time thing, but its worth a check)
Posted 11:05am 01/5/09
Free trial for one day only.

Yeah, that was a good idea...

vvv TPG ADSL2+ vvv

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Posted 10:52am 01/5/09
upgrade to bigpond cable
Posted 11:31am 01/5/09
Just had my first run through a campaign. Great fun! Yay for free games.
Posted 11:43am 01/5/09
Trog, I would have thought that having the demo would be better because its a lot smaller and I personally wouldn't want to download a huge game to find out I don't like it at all. Although they don't have stupid caps in the US of A!

Also it looks like stats are back for left 4 dead.

L4D post about stats
Posted 11:47am 01/5/09
Small update to l4d this morning:

Survival Mode

Removed an exploit from The Construction Site

Fixed issues with Survival Mode medals not being awarded properly in rare cases

Times will no longer be awarded when joining mid-round and cheats had been active during that round


Server will now reset correctly after all players leave a Versus game

Match Making

Fixed a mismatch between lobbies and servers that will remove the "Server is full" errors when quickmatching

Fixed match making issue affecting Vista64 users

hopefully the one I bolded actually f*****g works... so annoying.
Posted 01:17pm 01/5/09

Posted 01:23pm 01/5/09
Posted 01:42pm 01/5/09
those stats are pretty cool
Posted 03:39pm 01/5/09
Posted 03:41pm 01/5/09
it is, but those stats don't seem right. No way has he only played 3 hours of l4d :S
Posted 04:43pm 01/5/09
Are those stats from when the game first came out? Swear I have played more than 33 games... Maybe they don't get counted if join late/leave early?
Posted 04:46pm 01/5/09
lolcakes at louis.
Posted 04:58pm 01/5/09
according to the link pyth posted:
The stats have been collected since 12/12/08 with weapons stats tracking beginning 2/11/09.
which seems about right for my stats
Posted 06:41pm 01/5/09
^^damn you play way too much l4d
Posted 06:55pm 01/5/09
Yeah what's up with those stats?

12 games played? I would have played double that on my first day.
Posted 07:17pm 01/5/09
err hes played over 1000 games
Posted 07:18pm 01/5/09
Read above ravnos :S
Posted 09:15pm 01/5/09
what is this 'too much' you speak of?
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