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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:08am 30/04/09 | 20 Comments
We've posted up the official launch trailer for Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor, a survival horror co-op first-person shooter in the tradition of Left 4 Dead.

Set in the cities and countryside of a devastated London, you and your crew will be facing off against genetic experiments gone wrong with six-player co-operative play, 16 different weapons and a series of gained perks through an XP system.

You can check out the launch trailer here, and be sure to hit up the Steam Store on May 15 to grab the game when it officially launches. For more info and screens, hit up our game page.

killing floortrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 10:11am 30/4/09
Left 6 Dead? Could be pretty good. Tripwire are the mod team turned indie game developer that created Red Orchestra.
Posted 11:18am 30/4/09
Some info

Killing Floor is now available for pre-order via Steam. It is available for a 25% discount for those who pre-purchase the game, which will be made available to play on May 14th.

So $US 14.99 instead of $19.99

Aussie dollar at $.72 today!
Posted 08:17am 04/5/09
Yeah Left 4 Dead 2 it looks like to me.
Posted 08:19am 04/5/09
no versus mode :(
Posted 08:22am 04/5/09
killing floor?

is this the alex dance floor simulator?
Posted 08:43am 04/5/09
Need to remind myself to pre order this!

Chainsaw zombie loving!

Posted 09:09am 04/5/09
yeh I've just preordered it
Posted 11:18am 04/5/09
I came in here to say what spook said
Posted 12:02pm 04/5/09
The story line is pathetic. A cloning experiment? what
Posted 04:56pm 04/5/09

hours of gameplay > a pack of smokes.

no versus mode :(

who plays VS? L4D Survival is the real s***
Posted 04:59pm 04/5/09
was definitely interested but found a gameplay video, looks pretty s*** imo..

Posted 05:39pm 04/5/09
coming out August 06?
Posted 07:46pm 04/5/09
that's cause you're looking at a video for a mod for unreal 2004, gj
Posted 05:02am 05/5/09
orly??? interesting.. waiting on gameplay footage then.. none of this slow mo bs...
Posted 08:12am 05/5/09
survival mode is against yawnworthy computer ai

Posted 09:19am 05/5/09

Survival is pretty fun but once you achieve all the gold medals you kinda stop playing...well I did
Posted 10:13am 05/5/09
I got bored of it after 1 gold medal :(
Posted 11:19am 05/5/09
You aren't doing it with the right people!
Posted 11:28am 05/5/09
I'm not sure how playing it with different people would make it less boring :( it's still just playing against ai. what's the main appeal for you? is it getting the achievements or maybe getting a longer survival time?
I'd much rather is was 4 vs 4 with actual people playing as special infected instead of ai.
Posted 03:37pm 05/5/09
Yeh I'm not a fan of survival either. Was pretty disappointed with the DLC, didn't contain much at all - It was supposed to include the SDK but that got left behind.

Valve need to crank out new campaigns.

Martz: Thats a gameplay video of the UT2004 mod, not the thing Tripwire are releasing.

Pre-ordered as well, nice and cheap.
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