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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:16pm 27/04/09 | 7 Comments
Ubisoft today let us know Maverick's everywhere can update their copy of Tom Clancy's HAWX for both PS3 and the Xbox 360 with all-new downloadable content packs.
In the European Assault Pack, take the lead in the multi-role carrier-borne version of the Dassault Rafale, the robust Saab-37 Viggen and two Mirage planes designed for nuclear strike and long-range interception. Fly the delta-winged FB-22 prototype bomber, based on the cutting-edge design of the F-22 Raptor. In addition, you get the advanced experimental XA-20 Razorback featured in Tom Clancys EndWar.
The DLC pack on 360 will set you back 400 Microsoft Points, and AU$8.45 from the PlayStation Store.

tom clancy's hawxdlc

Latest Comments
Posted 07:34pm 27/4/09
Any word on the PC DLC? I've been thinking about getting this, but I'd probably grab it from Steam rather than on console.
Posted 07:54pm 27/4/09
Already have all those planes on PC :)
Cept the SAAB
Posted 12:00pm 02/5/09
Just a heads up, this game is the weekend deal on Steam at the moment. It's 40% off, which brings it to about AUD $31. Pretty good deal!
Posted 02:44pm 02/5/09
Hells yeah
Posted 05:27pm 02/5/09
It's $us29.99 which roughly equals $aud41 atm.

Still a good deal!
Posted 05:35pm 02/5/09
You guys rate it? Is it fairly similar to Ace Combat 6 and games like that?
Posted 07:57pm 02/5/09
It's $us29.99 which roughly equals $aud41 atm.

Oh yeah, sorry, That's what I meant. A little dyslexic today.
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