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Post by Dan @ 10:12am 24/04/09 | 18 Comments
EA DICE have released another new trailer for Battlefield 1943, the next addition to their flagship first person shooter franchise and a return again to World War II, this time in the Pacific Theatre.

Today's trailer showcases the Wake Island map - a familiar sight for most Battlefield players as it has made appearances in Battlefield 2, 1942, 2142 and Vietnam in various forms. Check it out right here on AusGamers.

battlefield 1943trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 10:51am 24/4/09
In other news EA have announced a competition for it's fans. Construct a sentence using these three words Horse, whip dead and go into the draw to win EA's last remaining clue.
Posted 11:07am 24/4/09
Dead horse would imply that EA don't still make truckloads of cash from this series. I think what you're looking for is more a cow milking expression.
Posted 11:15am 24/4/09
I'm interested, will give the demo a go, but if the gameplay and feel is anything like BF2 I'll pass.. (I loved BF2, but I'm so f*****g over it years ago).
Posted 11:22am 24/4/09
Battlefield 1942 was the mofo bomb.
Posted 11:30am 24/4/09
Yes it was, this should be sweet as.
Posted 12:47pm 24/4/09
It looks f***en awesome. As long as they keep alot of the original gameplay from the old one I will be happy to play the same game on a new engine.
Posted 01:49pm 24/4/09
Woot, cant wait :)
Posted 02:09pm 24/4/09
I saw a gameplay video on youtube with a developer who said 43 will have Unlimtied ammo. And that means the game will suck d***.

Posted 02:15pm 24/4/09
I will be all over this like jews on a spilt bag of change.
Posted 02:15pm 24/4/09
This over Live will be crazy good fun. Can't wait!
Posted 02:20pm 24/4/09
Very Very pumped for this one ...while ww2 was so yesterday I have had a break for so long now that I am ready to suck it up and get all nostalgic and kick some ww2 butt...

This game is looking real nice though ..or maybe its just the editing in the trailer :S
Posted 09:11am 25/4/09
I was pumped for it until I saw that its max player limit is 24.....
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:15am 25/4/09
So you're not gonna play it because it only has 24 players? Your loss.
Posted 12:24pm 25/4/09
Personally I only play games that have max player limits of 256 or more, otherwise what's the point right?
Posted 01:00pm 25/4/09
He never said he wasn't going to play.
Now that I have heard that it is only 24, I'm disappointed too.
What happened to 64? That is what some of the old battlefield experience was all about. Massive battles, utter chaos. So long as transport spawns scale with the number of players, why not have the options for 64 players.
Posted 01:41pm 25/4/09
64 players is silly, everyone knows world war 2 was fought by small teams of 12 people each.
Posted 01:47pm 25/4/09
So wait, is this actually coming on PC? I just watched the trailer and it only says XBox Live marketplace and PSN? No way I'd play this on a console, it better be coming to PC.

Edit: Gay, just read on gamespot that the PC version doesn't come out till September.

last edited by Khel at 13:47:23 25/Apr/09
Posted 01:55pm 25/4/09
Well actually A-Team are 12 men.

And yea shooters on console is lame.
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