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Post by Dan @ 10:04am 21/04/09 | 15 Comments
Valve have confirmed the release date for the Left 4 Dead, or at least a "release target" (so give or take a month or two).
The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack will be released via Xbox Live at roughly 2 am PST on April 21. The DLC is free to all owners of Left 4 Dead and introduces a new multiplayer game mode entitled, Survival, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode. The PC version of the DLC is targeted for release later in the day.
Whether the Xbox Live release window covers all territories is unconfirmed, but Australian PC games should at least see this one at the same time as North Americans (Tuesday PST hits midnight at 5pm tomorrow Sydney time, so before then).

left 4 deaddlc

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Posted 10:11am 21/4/09
I'm thinking about uninstalling L4D, just because I'm sinking so much time playing it :(
Posted 10:29am 21/4/09
fun game and at least the multi play online works.. unlike that piece of s*** DemiGod (which is a great game just doesnt work)
Posted 10:29am 21/4/09
I never worry too much, because no matter how much time goes into it, there's always someone who's playing three times as much as I am.

It helps I know who that person is, too.
Posted 10:29am 21/4/09
Posted 10:50am 21/4/09
haha what a no-life loser that person must be
wait, only 3 times as much?
Posted 10:54am 21/4/09
Finally finished Blood Harvest on Expert last night
2 to go :/
I swear it's expert is harder since the patch
The run to the farmhouse had a tank spawn right at the start an nothing to burn it with. Oh, and a witch right at the tractor
Posted 12:04pm 21/4/09
When the game first came out me strex loki and rubba tried for ages to do the last stage on the farm campaign. Never completed it :( But everyone was noob when we did this.
Posted 04:54pm 21/4/09
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay
Posted 05:56pm 21/4/09
I would have had Expert on Dead Air as well cept I didn't start from the lobby :(
Was a surprise to all of us when "Untouchables" came up in the credit tho so I wasn't so disheartened!

We were all like "holy f***ity! - dudes.. we just got Untouchables on Expert!!!"
Posted 09:19pm 21/4/09
Why do xbox owners get it first?
Posted 10:19pm 21/4/09
dunno but i enjoy playing it before YOU! hahahahahahahahahaahah
Posted 10:54pm 21/4/09
enjoy taking 3 minutes to spin 180 degrees.
Posted 11:15pm 21/4/09
Posted 12:49am 22/4/09
theres a button that does that instantly though D:
Posted 07:52am 22/4/09
this game

requires a keyboard and mouse
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