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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:28pm 20/04/09 | 21 Comments
Blizzard have released more extended StarCraft 2 footage in the form of their second Battle Report video.

We have two versions of the video - a lower quality, streamable one, but our download file is where the quality visual money is - so StarCraft 2 fans should definitely check it out right here.

Of course, at this stage there's still no official release date for what is arguably the most anticipated RTS of all time (or at least, modern times), but such is Blizzard's way - when it's done, it's done.

starcraft 2trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 05:55pm 20/4/09
It's worth watching the match. It's pretty good and it highlights some cool terran units.
Posted 06:07pm 20/4/09
+1 love the match
Posted 06:16pm 20/4/09
Anyone else thought it was too cartoony? Especially the terran. Maybe it was the bad quality stream but the terran needed to be more mechanical while the zerg need to be more organic and insect like.
Posted 06:31pm 20/4/09
There should be some interesting developments in the metagame of SC2. I can't wait for it to come out.
Posted 06:32pm 20/4/09
haha infi i see what you did there.

Posted 06:36pm 20/4/09
hahah suck s***
Posted 06:39pm 20/4/09
Let's settle this with a game with starcraft.
Posted 06:41pm 20/4/09
sif starcraft, metagame in coh is much richer.
Posted 06:57pm 20/4/09
So can you hide your units behind cover in SC2? Does terrain do much other then look pretty and block movement?
Posted 07:10pm 20/4/09
Haha, so in SC2 we need to get used to the terran rush?

too cartoony?

Not really, i'd say it's less cartoony than the original Starcraft was.
Posted 07:11pm 20/4/09
That weed grass/forest thingy only blocks sight, you can still move through it. Wonder if they are going to do something similar to war3 with high/low ground.
Posted 08:12pm 20/4/09
original SC high and low ground made a difference, and also running under trees/scrub. I assume they would have similar rules for the terrain.
Posted 10:35pm 20/4/09
That video gave me a chubby.
Posted 09:57am 21/4/09
I'm really liking the effort put in to the interface to help with broadcasting a match. It would seem that there is a definite push to place SC2 right into the middle of eSport right off the bat. I'm hoping it comes with some sort of in-game uploading / viewing ala SF4 to bring all the commentary and analysis to the masses.
Posted 02:51pm 21/4/09
after watching that replay, it seems like the mechanics are far simpler than either coh or dow2... confirm/deny?
Posted 08:09pm 21/4/09
CoH and DoW2 have no or very little base building mechanics at all, so right from the get go SC2 is more complex before you even involve combat.
Posted 08:10pm 21/4/09
Infi read a review that used the phrase "metagame" ... like all good managers he can use the terminology with out understanding it.
Posted 08:13pm 21/4/09
CoH is all about the buildings, wtf u talking about.
Posted 08:21pm 21/4/09
lol what you mean its 1 of each building restricted to the back of the map protected by pre map placed MGs that make harassment impossible till tier 2 ?

oh yea the management of that is just mind boggling
Posted 08:33pm 21/4/09
For those wondering whether its better than said RTS games..

Blizzard, that is all.
Posted 08:34pm 21/4/09
Korea will have a national public holiday when this game is released imo.
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