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Post by trog @ 10:16am 20/04/09 | 7 Comments
As part of the recent festivities surrounding the release of the Age of Conan trial, we've got a massive stack of trial keys for AusGamers members. If you're one of the many that tried it when it was launched and you're wondering if it's worth another go, take a look at the list of improvements that have been introduced into the game since the early days.

Get your key now to take it for a test toast!

age of conan

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Posted 10:25am 20/4/09
was considering giving it a bash to distract myself from studying but i don't have 14 jiggawatts to spare this month :(
Posted 10:29am 20/4/09
Someone can PM me and can buy my account for the princely sum of a tiny amount.
Posted 12:21pm 20/4/09
Thanks for the key Ausgamers.
Posted 01:18pm 20/4/09
New and Improved Age of Conan! Now with 40% more boobs!
Posted 03:46pm 20/4/09
That list of improvements is pretty non descriptive.
Posted 03:55pm 20/4/09
I am downloading the US Client. Will play around with it and see. Thanks for the key.
Posted 04:07pm 20/4/09
That list of improvements is pretty non descriptive.

Yeah, it fails to mention if my character can walk again, after experiencing a devastating accident which left it crippled and not being able to move from a f*****g bench.
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