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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:22am 07/04/09 | 19 Comments
Ubisoft have begun teasing about Assassin's Creed 2, shooting through a link to a teaser site with a very short, but interesting video that seems centered around the inclusion of Leonardo da Vinci as a key factor in, at the very least, the tools of the Assassin's Creed trade.

While not a lot is shown, it's interesting the video hovers around the flying apparatus sketch, possibly indicating further to the rumour Altair will be swimming in the next game (as revealed by AusGamers at last year's TGS), he may well be able to fly/glide in the sequel.

Obviously this is just speculation, so head over to the teaser site and have a look for yourself.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:26am 07/4/09
Can't wait!
Funnily enough, I just finished playing the first game
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:40am 07/4/09
All that's left for me is to find all the flags and perform a few 10 minute battle royales for an Achievement or two. I seriously am excited for this though...
Posted 09:45am 07/4/09
Do you think they learned from their mistakes?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:48am 07/4/09
Well, in its original form it was a commercial success, so it's hard to say. Critically, almost everyone across the board agreed the game needed more variety and less repetition - so here's hoping they listened...
Posted 11:49am 07/4/09
Still repetition aside, it was an awesome unique game.
Posted 11:55am 07/4/09
hmm, just noticed if you hit replay video, it opens a pdf file with instructions, the link is here - Somewhat strange huh?
Posted 12:13pm 07/4/09
awsome! i remeber there being a rumour a while back that said the second game was going to be set in venice during the renaissance. looks like that might be true.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:21pm 07/4/09
Well it's heavily rumoured da Vinci was involved with the Knights Templar, so our combined powers of deduction continue to point to that ravn0s - I think that could be cool. It would be sweet if, like, Michelangelo was painting the Sistine chapel and you could climb the scaffolding he used inside!
Posted 12:32pm 07/4/09
hmm, just noticed if you hit replay video, it opens a pdf file with instructions, the link is here - Somewhat strange huh?

Print out the pdf, go back to the site, click the orange button with the white triangle thing on the left after the movie finishes, allow access to your webcam, hold the printout in front of the webcam, then tell me what happens cause I'm too lazy to do all that!
Posted 03:20pm 07/4/09 did anyone do what Kos suggested ? I wanna know :P ....Just kidding
Posted 06:48pm 07/4/09
Do you think they learned from their mistakes?

You mean unskippable cut scenes, repetitive missions and enough horse riding to chafe in real life? hopefully
Posted 07:24pm 07/4/09

The actual result isn't anything fantastic but the technology used to show it impressed me
Posted 09:09pm 07/4/09
...this is surely web 3.0
Posted 09:26pm 07/4/09
Would probably work better with a piece of paper, cos you could spin it around and he would spin around and stuff. Its like that car one that was linked a while ago, and it makes a 3d card thats sitting on the paper, and as you move the paper and turn it and spin it, the 3d car does too.
Posted 10:32pm 07/4/09
That's f***en awesome and well worth it. Wish I had a webcam.
Posted 11:37pm 07/4/09
So unfair, all we got was the wrist with the switchblade.

Does it randomize for different people?
Posted 08:05am 08/4/09
I think it depends on which symbol you hold up or something
Posted 10:39am 08/4/09
Ah, I see now.

Makes me think maybe a dev made that video.
Posted 10:21am 09/4/09
Nah it's not a dev vid, the image art displayed depends on the icon in front of your webcam, do a google search and you will see whats been found so far.

I really enjoyed the first one, pumped for this one, and the rumor of it being set in Venice would sit well with the rumor of Altair learning how to swim. Would be nice to see the cryptic stuff take a more active role through the course of the game.
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