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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:42am 03/04/09 | 26 Comments
While we avoided believing anything the internet posted over the last two days, this latest team Fortress 2 blog is definitely legit, and outlines plans for the next class update for The Sniper.
It's been a couple of weeks since we posted, so we thought it'd be good to do some housekeeping. The next class pack will focus on the Sniper. It's actually shaping up to be the largest TF2 update yet, with multiple new maps and a bunch of gameplay tweaks. In addition, we've got another update in the works that should be done before the Sniper, and that one will include some new content for all classes.
There's also a mention of the anticipated Xbox 360 update and why it's taking so long as well as the TF2 Plays of the Week videos.

Hit this link to be escorted directly to the blog update.

team fortress 2dlc

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Posted 11:02am 03/4/09
f*** yes.
Posted 11:02am 03/4/09
looks very promising hope they dont do anything silly like the scout.
Posted 11:04am 03/4/09
bah update a real class
Posted 11:11am 03/4/09
soldier needs an update the most imo
Posted 11:34am 03/4/09
hell yer

their april fools joke wasnt too bad either

last edited by ravn0s at 10:34:09 03/Apr/09
Posted 11:23am 03/4/09
Any ideas on what they will come up with?

Maybe something to help vs spies? Or a gun with no dot or faster charge build-up.
Posted 11:26am 03/4/09
This is definitely going to be fun for any decent snipers, also fun for spies :D

So long as they don't make ANOTHER uber counter, I'm happy. I got bonked at least 20 times on basin the other day as heavy :(

EDIT: I don't mind about changing guns 2 (especially) and a new machete, but hopefully they don't significantly change the actual sniper.

The charge up works great, don't break it.

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Posted 11:30am 03/4/09
Haha that's funny, I noticed the mystery jars of yellow liquid filling up in the 'meet the sniper' video.
Posted 01:19pm 03/4/09
fuuuuuuuck yes.
Posted 02:26pm 03/4/09
woo, sounds awesome.
Posted 06:27pm 03/4/09
Stop b****ing about the Sandman, you girls.
Posted 06:36pm 03/4/09
theres a link on there about the plays of the week... check out the one where a soldier air rockets a guy 3 times...f***** insane.. bouncing the guy around in the air like a rag doll
Posted 06:38pm 03/4/09
I've watched a few vids of supposedly 'pro' players, and it seems to me most of it is either lucky shots or nothing really special at all... I've seen far better pulled off in pub before.

As far as sandman is concerned, It's f*****g useless to whoever has it now.. 50% damage on people who are stunned...
Posted 07:20pm 03/4/09
Frakture did you watch the video of the soldier perfectly landing direct hits on people flying through the air?
I have played against a soldier who wasn't even half as good, and he was mopping up our whole team with those rockets.
Posted 10:29pm 03/4/09
dude a player hit someone with 3 rockets in a row? thats a f*****g world record

bet that never happened in quake
Posted 12:04am 04/4/09
my ass it's never happened in quake :p

mid-air rockets are pathetically easy in team fortress 2 though IMO, the game itself is slower than tribes 2/quake, and the models are a bit bigger, so it helps quite a bit - not to mention the rocket itself is fairly large.

but i've never triple-middied someone in tf2, they die after the second one :(
Posted 01:55pm 04/4/09
new rifle unlock

Posted 03:12pm 04/4/09
needs flamer bayonet imo
Posted 03:37pm 04/4/09
lol ravn0s, looks like something out of warhammer 40k
Posted 04:06pm 04/4/09
Reminds me of the Heavy update...
The GuVna
Posted 06:25pm 04/4/09
I predict the new sniper gun will have to be reloaded each round, & a low ammo count. Be sweet if it popped out a massive shell each time :)

Posted 06:35pm 04/4/09
They should make the sniper easier for usually non-sniper players, and harder for typical snipers, somehow. I have no gameplay reason for this, I just can't aim and wish I was a better sniper.
Posted 09:46am 06/4/09
yeh predict one with reloaded each round, low ammo count less damage but will force you back
Posted 10:43am 06/4/09
give a scope with heat vision so you can see people through walls, but the gun does less damage (no charging) and reloads after every shot.
Posted 12:09pm 06/4/09
what about a backpack that has MASSIVE BLADES OF DOOM in it to keep spies away?
Posted 04:29pm 06/4/09
Frakture did you watch the video of the soldier perfectly landing direct hits on people flying through the air?

On the other hand soldiers hate me :)

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