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Post by Dan @ 11:34am 25/03/09 | 17 Comments
Activision have sent along a new trailer for the upcoming Wolfenstein, the id Tech 4 engine (Doom 3) powered first person shooter in the works at Raven Software.

Today's trailer apparently shows how "the greater evil is revealed as dimensions are torn asunder", which I'm not really seeing. It does however, offer some glimpses of "the veil", the green tinged supernatural dimension that gives your character special abilities and looks to serve as the main puzzle element in the game. Check it out right here on AusGamers.

Wolfenstein is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in July 2009.


Latest Comments
Posted 11:47am 25/3/09
is it coming out for pc? there was no pc logo at the end.
Posted 12:13pm 25/3/09
Haven't heard otherwise. Also, PC logo here
Posted 12:15pm 25/3/09
seriously! built on the doom 3 engine? why use an outdated engine on a next-gen game, are things really that tough at I.D.?
Posted 12:18pm 25/3/09
Huh? Raven Software are making this game. Also it's spelled "id"
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:36pm 25/3/09
Is it just me, or should they just leave this series alone? That didn't look that great - I'm far more pumped about Singularity than this...
Posted 01:10pm 25/3/09
Hopefully they do the 'back in time' parts a bit better than Cryostasis, which; I'm sure they will.
Posted 01:28pm 25/3/09
Hey they both look like something I'd like to play :)
Posted 02:34pm 25/3/09
i rekn it looks ok :P nazi imagery in the doom3 engine... orrrjeh! but once again the lack of co-op mode makes it a whole lot less appealing :|
Posted 03:59pm 25/3/09
Ahhh memories of good times.... Ill have to play it just for nostalgics sake
Posted 04:45pm 25/3/09
the last wolfenstein was fun
Posted 05:35pm 25/3/09
I too am looking a lot more forward to Singularity, if done right it could be a great game.
Posted 06:14pm 25/3/09
Hopefully this would mean a new ET multiplayer. I'd buy the game just to play ET.
Posted 06:57pm 25/3/09
Yeah, I doubt anyone cares much about the single player, but I know a lot of people are after a fast paced, skill based multi player FPS.
Posted 10:19pm 25/3/09
i was hoping for something amazing in hte GFX area.... maybe i missed it?
Posted 04:08pm 30/3/09
looks nice to me, tho i wasnt all that impressed by the playability of the previous wolf game, harder skill levels meant you had to shoot nazi laddies in the head 6 times instead of 4 - wtf was with that...

if the gaming is good, ill be happy to shoot more haunted hitler wannabes
Posted 04:57pm 30/3/09

there is only one true wolfenstein. Anything else is pure blasphemy.

Posted 05:10pm 30/3/09
I hope they have headshot hitsounds. Ting!
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