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Post by trog @ 03:31pm 24/03/09 | 18 Comments
The id Software site has been updated with a new page pimping Wolfenstein 3d for the iPhone. The AppStore link doesn't work yet so no idea on price or anything, but while you're waiting you can read what Carmack has to say about the redevelopment of this classic game on a new platform, and if you're really motivated, you can download the source code.


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Posted 03:40pm 24/3/09
Lol @ threads.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:14pm 24/3/09
I love how much Trog <3's Doom and Wolf :)
Posted 10:30pm 24/3/09
Trog are you REALLY motivated?
Posted 12:59am 25/3/09
Am I the only person that sees "Carmack" and feels it should always be prefaced with "The" ?? :)
Posted 07:44am 25/3/09
oh carmack is surely godlike?
Posted 09:09am 25/3/09
Trog are you REALLY motivated?
not that motivated :) the Carmack article was (as always) worth reading though for sure!
Posted 09:31am 25/3/09
This'll be pretty cool assuming the controls are good.
Posted 10:26am 25/3/09
quick thead hijack - can anyone tell me why my email app doesn't fetch even when I tell it to do it every 15 minutes????
Posted 10:35am 25/3/09
cause it's a mac

(couldn't resist)
Posted 10:46am 25/3/09
And now you look like a fool:p
Posted 08:34pm 25/3/09
This is available for $5.99.... purchasing now.
Posted 08:41pm 25/3/09
omg nostalgia
Posted 08:47pm 25/3/09
mobile phone games are gay and boring.

omg edit you did

last edited by ctd at 20:47:26 25/Mar/09
Posted 09:27pm 25/3/09
doom rpg was awesome mobile game.
Posted 11:39am 27/3/09
Ok I just can't get anymore work done because I'm always playing this game. Controls are great and the game provides a few different ways to control it - definitely the best FPS I've played on the iPhone. I think the controls work so well because it's such a limited movement - no y axis, no jumping. One bug that I think is happening (need to double check it's not just my imagination) is that when you leave a game and then resume it later, already-collected treasure seems to re-spawn. Another huge bug (or was this the same in the original too??) - you can't change weapons, meaning you always use the more powerful weapon, which can put a strain on your ammo reserves when you get the chain gun.

Gripes: doesn't seem possible to save games, so you can only ever have one continuous game, or start from the begining each time. Also, as much as I love the original soundtrack, it'd be great to be able to turn music off so I could listen to my mp3's, but I think that would mean also losing sound for the game. I'm pretty sure the ability to playback mp3's in-game will be made available for developers with the iPhone 3.0 release.

mobile phone games are gay and boring.

If there's one game that will change your mind about this, it's probably going to be Wolfenstein. Whether you're a fan of the original, or you've never heard of it, the game is extremely enjoyable. Definitely worth the $6 (even though that seems a bit steep considering it only took Carmack 4 days), but if you can hold out for a couple of weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if the price drops.
Posted 04:08pm 27/3/09
Doom will be out sometime too ^_^
Posted 04:13pm 27/3/09
I was gonna grab it until I saw it was $6
Posted 04:16pm 27/3/09
Must be hard having to clutch at $6, what with your fiance being a doctor and all, tight ass!
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