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Post by trog @ 04:49am 24/03/09 | 9 Comments
The 2009 Game Developers Conference (or GDC, as it is colloquially known) has kicked off in San Francisco. Thousands of game creators from all over the planet have descended on the city like some sort of iPhone-carrying plague to attend a huge variety of lectures, tutorials and other informative sessions on the latest techniques and practices in all aspects of game development.

While it's looking a bit quieter than last year in terms of product demos and announcements (possibly due to the GFC), there's still a few things going on here that we'll be covering, so stay tuned!

gdc 2009

Latest Comments
Posted 06:34am 24/3/09
Yer in town? For how long? :)
Posted 11:14am 24/3/09
You live in San Fran Creepy?
Posted 12:37pm 24/3/09
South bay area, so it's a 45min drive..
Posted 01:36pm 24/3/09
Mr Trog, you sir are a lucky man.
Posted 02:14pm 24/3/09
South bay area, so it's a 45min drive..
oh yeh, I forgot you were here. Is dranged still here or did he move back? Where about in the South Bay exactly? I'll be in Pacifica for a bit at some point.
Posted 12:28am 25/3/09
I am in Santa Clara - near Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Milpitas areas. (virtually right next door to Great America fun park).

I think dRanged is still here...
Posted 06:05am 25/3/09
What is the Great America fun park? I feel a side-trip coming on...
Posted 09:29am 25/3/09
I am pretty much the only person in this entire conference that does not have an iPhone. No s***. They are f*****g everywhere.
Posted 09:35am 25/3/09

Just some theme park. Never been there myself..

And yeh, iPhones everywhere here. Might be somewhat related to the fact that Apple is based here.

Contract-free, non-JB'ing-needed iPhones go on sale from AT&T this week.

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