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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:55pm 18/03/09 | 7 Comments
In case you missed it yesterday, we threw up an all-new trailer for the next DLC pack for Fallout 3 entitled, The Pitt. Today you can watch said trailer streaming from our videos section.

The Pitt is a whole new quest for the massive post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3 and sees players heading to a new area called "The Pitt" where you encounter a host of people who're sick with disease but have been enslaved by traders who have a cure. It'll be your choices within "The Pitt" that sets their course forever.

The new DLC will be available next week from March 24 on PC and Xbox 360. You can check out a host of new screens as well by clicking here.

fallout 3dlc

Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:14pm 18/3/09
I am absolutely stinging for this and Broken Steel
Posted 02:29pm 18/3/09
i'm over the wasteland now :( i've blown up every car/motorcylce/bus/truck, i've enslaved or killed everyone that can be enslaved or killed, i've been to every encounter & fully mapped it. it's just me the kids & radscorpions left ;p

i still have 3 bobbleheads to find which is kinda annoying coz it means i've missed them somewhere. oh wells.
Posted 02:32pm 18/3/09
im still pissed at this game that they killed me off

else id be all over these extras

Posted 02:35pm 18/3/09
yeh... it does suck that no matter how you play the ending... even if you insert the modified fev virus into project purity... you can't play on :/ it also annoys me that certain non-player characters can't be killed, even after you've done the scripted part of the game that involves them. DIE!@#! ;p
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:08pm 18/3/09
afaik the Broken Steel DLC fixes the ending in that you can play on. I'm not really sure whether that's true - but the fact they're raising the level cap to 30 means there's something instore
Posted 11:23pm 18/3/09
i was too at first spook, then i realised i saved right before the end, so ill just use that save and not finish the game.
Posted 08:00am 19/3/09
I made the mistake of exploring every nook and cranny the place had to offer before doing the last couple of missions and as a result got bored and quit before the end. 70 hours of gameplay and still not finished :(

The Pitt looks pretty cool though.
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