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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:43pm 17/03/09 | 18 Comments
Not one to be outdone by those console manufacturer types, Valve have just announced a new in-game DLC delivery system for their Steam gaming service. Developers and publishers alike will be able to use their own games as DLC delivery and notification platforms, directly targeting the consumers they want.
DLC can now be added to any game on Steam, regardless of whether it was originally purchased via Steam, at retail, or via other digital outlets. It is also a feature of Steamworks, the suite of free tools and services available to game developers and publishers.
According to a Valve rep, the first title to offer in-game DLC via Steam will be Twisted Pixel's The Maw (also available on XBLA and PSN), offering two new levels that fit in between existing levels as seminal "deleted scenes".


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Posted 03:00pm 17/3/09
Those bonus levels must be pretty long (or the original game fairly short) for them to be worth a quarter of the original game's price.

Micro-transactions on Steam might make it more attractive for some developers to add content to their games though, so it's a welcome addition. I do wonder if Steam will implement some sort of currency points system to reduce the transaction fees that could be incurred though, similar to what XBOX Live does with Microsoft Points.
Posted 03:07pm 17/3/09
What's DLC?
I assume its "downloadable content" but im probably wrong
Posted 03:07pm 17/3/09
You're probably right.
Posted 03:35pm 17/3/09
What's DLC?
I assume its "downloadable content" but im probably wrong
It is Downloadable Content.
Posted 03:47pm 17/3/09
Sorry, I'm new to these here fang dangled tubes
Also, the only game I play is css because I'm all about the retro
Posted 07:22pm 17/3/09
Just as long as they don't start putting in game adverts in my retail games via steam.
Posted 07:26pm 17/3/09
don't they already do that with tf2?
Posted 07:40pm 17/3/09
no I mean retail games I've bought from like kmart and whatnot and then added to steam. Not games made/released by valve just to clarify.
Posted 08:04pm 17/3/09
don't they already do that with tf2?

There are no advertisements of any kind in TF2.
Posted 08:47pm 17/3/09
Well, there are on the splash screen upon joining a server. It is usually information about the ISP behind the server.

I dislike the idea of DLC that has game play impacts, if it costs.

last edited by Tollaz0r! at 20:47:20 17/Mar/09
Posted 08:40pm 17/3/09
if my games are going to be cheaper, please insert ads into them
Posted 09:44pm 17/3/09
WTF Spook!? Its like getting an anal probe to make your life a little less expensive to live. Its doesn't sit comfortably with me.
Posted 09:50pm 17/3/09
Yeah I wouldnt care about ads in multiplayer. Or SP but I never play SP because im not gay.

cap point C will now be called cap point mountain dew

last edited by ctd at 21:50:59 17/Mar/09
Posted 12:23am 18/3/09
I agree, put all the in-game billboards and s*** that you want, so long as my game is appropriately discounted.

EDIT: As long as the ads are also made to fit the art style of the game.

last edited by Midda at 00:23:09 18/Mar/09
Posted 12:24am 18/3/09
Yeah i got no problem with that. As long as its in the same art style. I was thinking along the lines of more intrusive mechanisms. They would be bad.
Posted 12:29am 18/3/09
Point C should also have a huge cant of mountain dew. I'd remember location more clearly than simply "point C".

It could work easily with games like TF2 because of the cartoony graphics. You could even get the ingame character voices going along with it as well.

Posted 12:40am 18/3/09
ach, mein thirsten
Posted 12:55am 18/3/09
I'll take the crab juice....
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