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Post by trog @ 12:50pm 16/03/09 | 14 Comments
The AusGamers File Request page has been offline for a while but I finally remembered about it and it's now back online. If you see anything cool out there on the tubes that you'd like a local, fast, reliable Australian mirror for (in the unlikely event that you find it before we do, of course) then simply hit up that form and let us know what it is, and we'll jump on it as soon as possible.


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Posted 12:53pm 16/3/09
I think I speak for everyone when I say;
Posted 01:56pm 16/3/09
I am also thinking about some sort of competition for people that find awesome downloads before us, so if anyone has any ideas along those lines, lemme know
Posted 02:13pm 16/3/09
If you can find the uncensored version of you win admin rights for a week.
Posted 02:37pm 16/3/09
Someone scout us a Black Mesa Source download!
Posted 02:59pm 16/3/09
Awesome feature for the site, if I keep a lookout I'm sure I can find some good s***.
Posted 03:19pm 16/3/09
Don't know if it's worth mirroring but there are some great links from this years IGF finals page
Posted 03:21pm 16/3/09
Posted 03:45pm 16/3/09
Posted 03:57pm 16/3/09

Also, the idea is that you use the file request system. Not post random links in this thread :P
Posted 03:59pm 16/3/09
I need the cluepon link then?
Posted 04:05pm 16/3/09
Here's a good one.

Find the name of the game that resembles the design idea of Super Paper Mario that was shown at an indie games con that the guy from Kloony Games that made Crayon Physics won a big prize at.
Posted 04:11pm 16/3/09
This lol looks like it came from the goofs that made those hilarious machinima videos in Half Life with GarysMod
Posted 04:49pm 16/3/09
How bout if you find one you get the ability to edit faceman's posts ?
Posted 04:51pm 16/3/09
Wow you're kidding? Moderating faceman? I will totally have to pass on that one Obes
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