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Post by trog @ 06:22pm 13/03/09 | 10 Comments
As Pinky points out in the forums, Unreal Tournament 3 is free for a test toast this weekend (subject to the usual disdain for including timezone information as they forget it's not "Friday" the same time around the whole world). This is to help promote the sale of the new "Black" edition of UT3, which includes the recently released Titan patch, offering a bunch of cool new content.

Check it out while it's free! There's a stack of local servers as well.

unreal tournament 3steam

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Posted 06:30pm 13/3/09
*cough*This was last weekend*cough*
Posted 06:33pm 13/3/09
Disregard an remove my posts, they're just doing it for a second weekend running.
Posted 06:33pm 13/3/09
Posted 06:35pm 13/3/09
*cough*This was last weekend*cough*
and it's free again this weekend
Disregard an remove my posts, they're just doing it for a second weekend running.

NEVER! you must suffer the embarrassment of having said something wrong on the INTERNET!
Posted 06:39pm 13/3/09
Lol, nuuuuuuuu the shame.

I find it odd that it isn't plastered on the main steam page though, I just found it listed as a footnote under the UT3 shop page.
Posted 08:01pm 13/3/09
It's in the top right corner of the main steam page :D
Posted 08:02pm 13/3/09
Well now it is.
Posted 10:41pm 15/3/09
omgz that is big shamez and onz the interwebs too!?! So much stuff is on steam now i almost have a feeling that soon i will be forced to use it.
Posted 04:13am 16/3/09
shame i bought ut3 fixed alot of stuff with this new patch but still very little players even tho its been top 3 for like 2 weeks now :(
Posted 05:29pm 16/3/09
8gb download is crazy tho
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