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Post by Dan @ 11:33am 11/03/09 | 5 Comments
CCP have released their latest free update for their sci-fi MMO Eve Online. Apocrypha features a huge amount of new content and features and coincides with a new retail release for Eve Online - also available on Steam.
EVE's Senior Producer Torfi Frans Olafsson on Apocrypha: "Just like the human body is said to regenerate itself every seven years, EVE Online continues to grow and evolve in its sixth year of operation, with systems being added, refined, refactored and polished with every expansion we make. As the player base continually grows, we are able to increase the development team and bring in more engineers, designers and artists for each expansion. This allows us to deliver such a broad range of features catering to a variety of playstyles in a volume that we can be proud of."
You can now grab the latest Premium clients (2.4GB) for Windows or Mac locally from AusGamers. Check out the Eve Online Apocrypha trailer or CCP's official apocrypha site for all the specifics.

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Posted 11:41am 11/3/09
Just started playing Eve again over the weekend and loving it - new expansion looks quite nice with a lot of great features too.
Posted 12:17pm 11/3/09
Always with the free updates, but it's still a dull game :)

Doesn't stop me from playing it, though.
Posted 12:49pm 11/3/09
I played Eve for a little while, just using the free 14 day trial. I thought it was pretty cool, but it felt like it needed more. Namely, being able to explore on foot. I hear that this is coming in an upcoming update, being able to walk inside stations and your inside ship, which if done well (and made to be useful) could indeed be very awesome.
Posted 12:51pm 11/3/09
Heh, for the hardcore ausgamers you were pretty late. I was looking for the patch yesterday. Had to download it from CCP at 300kbps :(.

So far it just adds another 2500 systems which are marked as "unknown" which can only be reached via wormholes. Pretty Awesome idea really. Just lots of "pretty" updates other than that.

If wow is crack then this has to be a nice single malt scotch whiskey. ;)
Posted 12:54pm 11/3/09

Yeah they are doing it for their core system. So they can use it in their other MMO games.
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