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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:47pm 10/03/09 | 12 Comments
Poor Halo Wars was always going to face an uphill battle with RTS purists, but we gave it a fairly good slogging here at AusGamers and can tell you, this is not only a worthy RTS title to play, it's a great story for anyone interested in the expansion of the Halo universe.

It definitely doesn't have the same amount of depth as many other RTS titles on the PC platform, but this is easily the best strategy game to ever hit a console, and if you ever played an Ensemble Studios game and liked it, you owe it to them to at least check this game out.

You can find our review right here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:54pm 10/3/09
bought and played it through on the weekend on xbox. became boring pretty quickly, wish the game had some more units to play with.
Posted 08:26pm 10/3/09
i agree with it being short, i was juuuust getting into the swing of things and then bam, it ended. hopefully they have a team working on DLC so we can see some more missions, and possibly some covenant single player. Though i don't know where they are going to take the story from here.

as for the multiplayer, you are bang on, just hope that the player count picks up. doesnt seem like there are too many people playing right now. especially compared to halo3.
Posted 11:31pm 10/3/09
hopefully they have a team working on DLC so we can see some more missions

err didnt the developer go bust?
Posted 11:33pm 10/3/09
ensemble shut down, but all the key players went and opened up a new company called robot.

cranking out a few halo wars missions would be some good bread and butter for them.
Posted 11:45pm 10/3/09
yeah they went one to make Robot, the funny thing is Robot is now taking care of Halo Wars.
Posted 08:53am 11/3/09
That's a real shame Ensemble closed down. They had quite a few good games.
Posted 09:38am 11/3/09
there is a 1v1 and 2v2 ladder over here if anyones keen: www.cybergamer.com.au
Posted 09:47am 11/3/09
I'm enjoying it single player, but the few multiplayer games I've played haven't impressed me much. The controls work fine for single player, but I've been finding in the mayhem of a multiplayer game, where you've gotta be doing a lot of different things at once, the controls aren't up to the task.

Still, co-op games are fun, but competitive games just end up with me getting frustrated at the controls.
Posted 11:09am 11/3/09
what exactly are you struggling with ?

all the finesse of the controls is in the D-Pad.
Posted 12:18pm 11/3/09
Like when you have a large army, made up of a large assortment of units, and you don't want to group them all together and move them all together, you want your artillery tanks to sit back and your air stuff to attack from one side, and tanks to roll in from the front, and marines to sneak around the side and start grenading s***, and the controls just don't cater for doing all those things at once. I miss my hotkeys :(
Posted 01:27pm 11/3/09
if you select all your units (left bumper), you can cycle through the different types (right trigger).
Posted 02:18pm 11/3/09
Yeah, I know, but its still annoying, if you have warthogs, marines, a hero, spartans, tanks, artillery, hornets, vultures, flamethrower guys and whatever else, it can be a pain in the ass having to cycle through to the ones you want to control, and in the thick of a battle, something you rarely have time for.

I would have preferred if they made one of the buttons into like a "group save/recall" button, say the right trigger. Select some units, hold down right trigger and another button (lets say, X) for say 3 seconds, and it saves that group to that button combination, then when you want to recall the group, you hold down right trigger and tap X and immediately have that group selected again. Hold down right trigger and double tap X and you select the group and center the screen on them.
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