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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:26am 10/03/09 | 6 Comments
Normally you'd be forgiven for assuming this is just a straight-up cash-in on the success of the new music game platform made up of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but when the creator is as iconic as KISS bassist, Gene Simmons, you have to respect his gauntlet being thrown into the ring, so to speak.
"I never do anything half way. My AXE controller is the closest thing you can have to being onstage in KISS. I created and designed the Gene Simmons AXE bass guitar and I can't wait for the fans to experience it for themselves", said Gene Simmons. "The Gene Simmons AXE guitar is such a recognisable symbol - people have been asking for a gaming replica ever since Guitar Hero was first introduced."
Atari have let us know they'll be handling distribution of the device here in Australia and yep, it's totally compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. It will also be made available for Wii, PS2 and PS3 from April. No word yet on an Xbox 360 controller or an overall price-point.

guitar herorock band

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Posted 11:29am 10/3/09
Would look better without his face on it

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Posted 09:53pm 10/3/09
guitar hero needs to be jailbroken

we used to call this stuff 'good plain and legal modding' back in the 50's
Posted 10:18pm 10/3/09
You want to jailbreak guitar hero to do what exactly?
Posted 12:05am 11/3/09

/end ACDC pun.

it's on wiki somewhere matey

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Posted 12:12am 11/3/09
guitar hero needs to be jailbroken

we used to call this stuff 'good plain and legal modding' back in the 50's

Here's a screenshot of my jailbroken Atari 800. Hard to imagine without a screenshot. Pretty sweet, amirite? The power unlocked through this mod is going to be amazing. I can't wait to re-program maybe Pong or Space Invaders!!
Posted 12:58am 11/3/09
I remember reading a review on this and it say it was Hunk of crap
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