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Post by trog @ 11:12am 06/03/09 | 22 Comments
A new update for Team Fortress 2 has landed:
- Added a duck timer that prevents duck spamming while running around on-ground.
- In-air, players are only allowed to duck once before they touch ground again.
- Fixed several bounding box issues with jumping, falling, and rocket jump air-walking. Bounding box should be much more accurate there now.
- Increased backstab check so that Spies can side-stab again.
- When disguising, Spies now always start showing the primary weapon in their disguise, and can then switch it with the last-disguise key.
There's a bunch of other changes and tweaks - check the full list for the low-down.

team fortress 2

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Posted 11:13am 06/3/09
why call it BACKSTAB if you can f*****g stab them from the side also

lame change
Posted 11:22am 06/3/09
why call it BACKSTAB if you can f*****g stab them from the side also

lame change
Spies have been able to sidestab since the game was released, all they're doing is returning it to normal.

Spies should be able to get a stab on a sniper if they sneak up on him.

It's hard enough breaking a defense down, but requiring you to revolver a sniper 3 times instead of stabbing him fails.
Posted 11:24am 06/3/09
spies have also been face stabing since the game was released, the change made it so that wasn't possible anymore
Posted 11:32am 06/3/09
So you believe if a sniper has a back against a wall he should have immunity from backstabs?

That sounds fair :S
Posted 11:34am 06/3/09
Because everyone worth stabbing knows to stand with their back against a wall/corner. In the physics of the game there is no way to slip your arm behind the guy, so a side-on stab is as good as it gets.
I've noticed since they fixed the facestab that backstabs from the side have stopped registering as much.
Posted 11:39am 06/3/09
So you believe if a sniper has a back against a wall he should have immunity from backstabs?
so you should not have anyway to protect yourself from a backstab? that sound stupid.....
Posted 12:02pm 06/3/09
So you believe if a sniper has a back against a wall he should have immunity from backstabs?

That sounds fair :S
ummm.. are you saying that doesn't sound fair? I don't play TF2 but it sounds quite logical to me - if your back is against the wall you're in a defensive position so you should get the defense bonus that would get (especially against an attack called "backstab").
Posted 12:05pm 06/3/09
Or you got to factor in that snipers are extremely powerful anyway, picking off heavies and what not.

There's also multiple SG's and pyros and other s*** defending the sniper.

Also the fact that snipers can beat you 1 vs 1.

It's a balance issue trog, you got to be able to stab them.
Posted 12:05pm 06/3/09
it's better to cave in to whingers and allow backstabs to work even when people are able to place themselves in a position that should protect themselves from being backstabbed
Posted 01:37pm 06/3/09
- Increased backstab check so that Spies can side-stab again.


I tried spy after the facestab fix and found it incredibly hard to successfully backstab people.

It sucked so much I gave up after 10 mins.

It's amazing how much people jitter around and slightly change direction while just standing there or moving in a straight line. This is the main reason side stabs are required imo. Unless you actually play spy you would never realise this.
Posted 01:39pm 06/3/09
Spy facestabs are the least of my worries at the moment, they've totally screwed the jumping with this update and you can no longer jump to places you used to be able to.

Playing heavy and soldier is also more difficult than ever due to the sandman. If you get stunned you're as good as dead and I think this is not right. Scouts are meant to die when they face a heavy not be able to stun him and kill him instantly.

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Posted 02:59pm 06/3/09
Yeah wtf with the jumping. dustbowl section 2 you cant jump from that sign to the upper level as red near the second cap point anymore. quit.
Posted 03:22pm 06/3/09
When disguising, Spies now always start showing the primary weapon in their disguise

Aww, I even changed my spy config scripts to handle this. You always knew it was a noob spy when a demoman was trying to get in for the stab holding only the bottle.
Posted 03:28pm 06/3/09
Playing heavy and soldier any class is also more difficult than ever

FTFY, though agreed. I hope they can figure out how to nerf the sandman without making it completely worthless. It's as bad as a facestab, but with a comical *POK* sound.

Nice that Natascha is fixed again.
Posted 04:13pm 06/3/09
I have disliked all the updates bar the medic.

Most of them are just gimmicky or annoying.

The sandman while in theory sounds like a good idea, ruins the flow of an otherwise hectic and fast paced game. (yeah yeah not as fast as Quake but theres s*** blowing up everywhere)

It s**** me to tears getting stunned and being immobile for a few seconds.

I'd be all for a pure mode, where everything was simple. It just worked when it was like that, it gets too complex with all the new unlocks and s***.
Posted 05:09pm 06/3/09
I think it is a bit silly to release a single classes updates, then change the new features based on that as people very muchly overplay the new class.

You can't alter a feature based on balancing the game, when the game is inherently unbalanced due to over playing of a class.
Posted 05:17pm 06/3/09
for someone who doesn't play this game.. why can't you front stab?
Posted 05:47pm 06/3/09
I was sidestabbing noobies fine on goldrush the other day :/ Perhaps they fixed it to register sidestabs on the non-weapon hands of players? That would be good.

Teq you can't front stab because facestabs are for us pro schoolkids.

What we lack in complete lack of respected opinion we make up for in totally pwning you old people in video games.

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Posted 05:55pm 06/3/09
The backstab is designed to give a bonus for getting the drop on someone. That doesn't really make much sense front on, but from the sides and back it makes perfect sense.
Posted 06:13pm 06/3/09
The spy is all about being a sneaky f***...

Spy's main weapon is the butterfly knife from behind the backstab is an insta-kill. So you go disguise yourself and look like the other teams players run up behind someone and *stab* you're dead c***!

Facestabbing was when a spy just ran up and stabbed you in the face and you instantly died. Hitboxes + rapid movement seemed to f***over the detection all the time.

Occurred most often when a spy stabbed someone you were near, you saw them and they just ran at you flailing and BAM you're dead.

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Posted 08:08pm 06/3/09
Facestabbing seems like it is indeed there and it happens more now!
I facestabbed so many people by accident in just one game on ctf_turbine today
Posted 09:36pm 06/3/09
Sweet, spy is my favourite class.. That and medic. I can't f*****g wait for the spy update.
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