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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:12pm 25/02/09 | 49 Comments
Steam have released an update for Team Fortress 2 that will apply automatically to your client as soon as you log in next time. The update includes some of the following:
  • Added The Force-A-Nature, The Sandman, and Bonk!
  • Added 35 new Scout achievements
  • Added "First Blood" to Arena mode
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes gib from non-gib damage kills
  • Fixed stat screen showing an entry for a class called "map."
  • Fixed item model panels not using team skins
There are also two new maps as part of the update, but you can find the full list of additions and fixes right here.

team fortress 2

Latest Comments
Posted 03:32pm 25/2/09
- Added new sound for a fully charged medic dying

Haha, that wasn't really necessary. You usually know a fully charged medic has died by all the swearing in the voice chat.

Nice spy updates too. Can't wait to fire it up!
Posted 04:12pm 25/2/09
# Fixed a bug where players would sometimes gib from non-gib damage kills
everything should gib! even gibs!
Posted 05:47pm 25/2/09
Those spy updates nearly brought a tear to my. I suppose it's valves apology for making him useless in clan games :).

Can't wait to start targeting enemy teams top players.

Posted 06:51pm 25/2/09
time to rack up those engineer points vs all those scouts
Posted 06:52pm 25/2/09
Yep, best time to go engi. Getting so many dominations.

Here's a funny energy drink moment:

Posted 07:15pm 25/2/09

Changed backstab handling to fix facestabs

Awwww I liked the facestab. It was kind of like a spies version of a crit.
Posted 07:19pm 25/2/09
Facestabs ftw.

I had a bulls*** moment the other night, 4x cart rolling for the win on basin, 2 meds/heavy/pyro, ~30 seconds left.

Backstab, backstab both meds, face stab the heavy just as he turns, pyro starts running dead on for flame and facestab :O

So much rage, they ended up not capping :D

Hopefully you can still circle strafe/flick the backstab, that's legit.
Posted 07:23pm 25/2/09
So far I'm still not sure about the force a nature. You have to be f*****g close to the enemy to do any damage, and you can't miss or your f***ed.

The sandman seems a bit off balance imo. you can't double jump, and you only do half damage with it. the stun is only for a split second, not even enough to get close or kill them.. unless you hit them from massive f***off distances which is a matter of luck and bs.
Posted 07:25pm 25/2/09
You're a monster CHUB.
Posted 07:27pm 25/2/09
If only you would turn off your hax so node un-bans you :)
Posted 07:32pm 25/2/09
so many scouts :(
Posted 08:34pm 25/2/09
I get the feeling valve is going to release another update shortly after this one.

There simply isn't enough valve content for the length of time they spent.

I'm guessing they're saving the payload race for the next one, along with a meet the vid.
Posted 02:49pm 26/2/09
Wtf, got hax?:
[removed] achieved Team Fortress 2: With Friends Like these..., Consultation, Does It Hurt When I Do This?, Peer Review, Big Pharma, Blunt Trauma, Medical Breakthrough, Ubi concordia, ibi victoria, Placebo Effect, Sawbones, Specialist, Chief of Staff, Medical Intervention, Second Opinion, FYI I am A Medic, Family Practice, House Call, Cooking the Books, Pyromancer, Got A Light?, Division of Labor, Crime and Punishment, Stalin the Kart, Krazy Ivan, Kollectivization, Purge, Don't Touch Sandvich, Borscht Belt, First Blood, First Blood, Part 2, Quick Hook, A Year to Remember, The Cycle, Closer, If You Build It, Gun Down, Scout Milestone 1, Scout Milestone 2, Scout Milestone 3, Batter Up, Doctoring the Ball, Dodgers 1, Giants 0, Batting the Doctor, I'm Bat Man, Pop Fly, Round-Tripper, Triple Steal, Artful Dodger, Fall Classic, Strike Zone, Foul Territory, The Big Hurt, Brushback, Moon Shot, Beanball, Retire the Runner, Caught Napping, Side Retired, Triple Play, Stealing Home, Set the Table, Block the Plate, Belittled Beleaguer, No-Hitter, Race for the Pennant, Out of the Park.

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Posted 08:58pm 25/2/09
Hah, achievement unlocker FTW.
Posted 09:15pm 25/2/09
I actually got all my achievements this time, so f*** you chub :P

also, he's a moron if he did that in game.. you're supposed to do that when tf2 isn't running!
Posted 09:26pm 25/2/09
Na. It shows up in steam community.
Posted 09:33pm 25/2/09
Also you should just check the 3 milestones?

That way you can still get your achievements legit, no point in unlocking all the achievements??
Posted 10:07pm 25/2/09
I earned all my other achievements in every other class except this one. I dont play scout and CBF'ed doing them all so I used the unlocker. I have no shame and I'm over it already.
Posted 10:18pm 25/2/09

Stop or I'll shoot!
Posted 10:42pm 25/2/09
whats the unlocker?
Posted 10:46pm 25/2/09
Tiny program.

Within 10 seconds you can unlock the 3 milestones (of any class) and/or all the achievements.
Posted 10:46pm 25/2/09
If only you would turn off your hax so node un-bans you :)
6 March is the unban day :(
Posted 11:19pm 25/2/09
OK It seems I suck at scout.
Posted 11:47pm 25/2/09
New bat kinda fun for a while but as someone already said stun lasts for bugger all and the damage it deals is worthless. Is not bad for stopping ubers in their tracks though.

Force a nature, fires off so fast and really doesn't do enough damage unless you are dead on and super close. I am far faaaaaar more effective with more round that do less damage.

Bonk drink is pretty much a gimmick too... yay I got past the sentry... now what?
Scouts don't last very long behind enemy lines... you just run into another sentry or 5 enemies around the next corner. Your team hasn't got your back cause... the sentry is still there!

Egypt map sucked massive wang, played it once and I think it's gonna stay that way. Super funtime engineer campoff and really looks very bland imo, woulda been better off doing an alpine map like arena.

Poor form valve, everyone wants more payload maps...

last edited by rubba-chikin at 23:47:55 25/Feb/09
Posted 11:56pm 25/2/09
Losing double jump really sucks with the bat too
Posted 12:05am 26/2/09
i like the sandman. its fun just using it the whole time.

fan could use with a damage boost or an extra shell or 2.

havent used bonk yet cause it doesnt seem all that good imo.

only new map ive played is egypt and its an ok map. probably wont play it all that much since i prefer pl maps.

New bat kinda fun for a while but as someone already said stun lasts for bugger all and the damage it deals is worthless.

bat does crit damage if you whack them after stunning them.
Posted 12:15am 26/2/09
I wasn't following the annoucements but I thought they were gunna release some new PL style game mode?
Posted 12:46am 26/2/09
Can you use the bat on people while they're jumping to stun them down large falls?
Posted 01:00am 26/2/09
so many scouts :(

I know! I haven't had this much fun with the pyro and heavy in ages. :D
Posted 11:15am 26/2/09
This time it seems a number of you used an external application to unlock all of your achievements in order to get items unfairly. Coming as a surprise to no one with the ability to retain memories of the recent past, I have taken these items from the perpetrators for one week.

Hah, suckers.
Posted 11:22am 26/2/09
Just go on an achievement server/empty server with a few mates.

I unlocked all 3 in about an 1.5 hours of buggering around.
Posted 11:48am 26/2/09
Hah, suckers.

i think most people that use the unlocker dont really give a s***.
Posted 12:08pm 26/2/09
February 25, 2009 - Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Gameplay changes

Removed the damage reduction against non-stunned enemies on the new bat

Players with full health can now pick up dropped sandviches


Reverted the change that treated chat text starting with / as a command instead of passing it through as chat

Fixed a crash related to baseball impacts

Fixed the Heavy's hands disappearing when he's stunned while wearing the KGB

Fixed the BONK! particles appearing in the air when the bat's taunt kill is used on a target

Fixed Force-A-Nature description not fitting inside the item window

Fixed the Axtinguisher
Posted 01:32pm 26/2/09
i think most people that use the unlocker dont really give a s***.

The fact that they went to the effort to find and download an unlocker says otherwise.
Posted 01:43pm 26/2/09
What they need to do is make the sandman have alternate fire

left click swings the bat, right click hits the ball

It's damn annoying having to hit the ball if you just want to wail on someone with the bat.
Posted 01:46pm 26/2/09
it's good they buffed the sandman already.

If you're close enough to actually hit someone with the bat, you don't throw the ball, but it's a bit iffy. Definitely needs alt fire.
Posted 02:37pm 26/2/09
first hit on google isn't effort.

It's more effort than not downloading at all. That's my point.
Posted 02:42pm 26/2/09
I used the unlocker and joined an egypt server for 5 mins and got bored. I care deeply.
Posted 05:28pm 26/2/09
Those spy updates nearly brought a tear to my.

Its a fake Phooks if your are referring to this leaked info.

Would be kewl if it were true though.

last edited by Snakeman at 17:28:20 26/Feb/09
Posted 05:35pm 26/2/09
He's talking about the spy tweaks that came with the Scout update.
Posted 05:40pm 26/2/09
^ yeah, being able to pick your visible weapon is pretty sweet right now as most people haven't picked up on it yet.
Posted 05:45pm 26/2/09
^ how do u do that ?
Posted 05:52pm 26/2/09
I think you reselect the disguise kit and from there you get to select your weapon.
Posted 05:54pm 26/2/09
I reckon the spy will come out in the next couple of months with the new payload
Posted 05:57pm 26/2/09
It said to press 'last disguise' button - but that doesn't seem to work. I just continually redisguise myself as the same class until the correct weapon randomly appears (tells you down the bottom what you're holding).
Posted 06:32pm 26/2/09
It said to press 'last disguise' button - but that doesn't seem to work.

Works for me. I think it's bound to the key 'B' by default?

Basically disguise as a class, wait till it's finished. Then press say '3' to get the butterfly knife. Hit B and if you're disguised as engi you'll get the wrench, if pyro the axe. If you switched to the sapper and hit B you'd get the engi pistol and pyro shotty, etc.

last edited by parabol at 18:32:01 26/Feb/09
Posted 08:27pm 26/2/09
lol i still have all the unlocks...
Posted 08:55pm 26/2/09
Does anyone know if the smoke effect shows up when you hit 'last disguise' to change weapons? i.e. If I change weapons while disguised and in full view of an enemy are they going to get suspicious?
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