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Post by Dan @ 11:50am 25/02/09 | 13 Comments
Electronic Arts have released a new CG cinematic trailer and some in-game screenshots for Dante's Inferno, an action game being developed in-house at EA Redwood Shores, makers of the impressive Dead Space.
Danteís Inferno is a third-person action adventure adaptation of the medieval epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The dark fiction gave birth to the Tuscan Italian dialect and is widely considered to have defined the western worldís contemporary conception of hell and purgatory. The poem tells the tale of Dante who journeys through the twisted, menacing nine circles of hell in pursuit of his beloved Beatrice.
Today's cinematic trailer doesn't feature any apparent in-game footage but does suggest some of the environments and big baddies you'll be slogging through. The first four screenshots however do, and can be found on our Dante's Inferno game page.

dante's infernotrailerscreenshots

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Posted 07:32pm 25/2/09
Is it just me or does this seem to be bad content to base a game on?

I guess Dante's inferno makes for a cool name but the idea of fighting your way through Dante's pit is a little funny.
Posted 07:41pm 25/2/09
Yeah fighting through hordes of demons (in hell, no less) to finally defeat the major end boss who runs the joint is an idea that will never take off.
Posted 07:52pm 25/2/09

Posted 07:54pm 25/2/09
I'd love to see some gameplay footage, but it's probably going to be just another DMC game which is kinda disappointing.
Yeah fighting through hordes of demons (in hell, no less) to finally defeat the major end boss who runs the joint is an idea that will never take off.
Your s***** sarcastic comments are just that, s*****. Keep them to yourself or in the politics thread.
Posted 08:00pm 25/2/09
Thanks for your constructive criticism bats***, I'll take them on board.
Posted 08:17pm 25/2/09
Reckon, nobody would ever think that idea could work. right?

I think this is going to be one of those games that gets some serious marketing behind it no matter how good or crap the finished product ends up.
Posted 08:30pm 25/2/09
I'm just saying that unless you are lead through hell by Virgil showing you people suffering at varying degrees, any association with the divine comedy is pretty weak.

So like I said, good name for a game but Dante's inferno has absolutely nothing to do with killing demons or Satan. It doesn't even end in hell.
Crizane Tribal
Posted 08:38pm 25/2/09
It looks like it will be another good concept poorly executed. The artistic direction looks quite good in some shots, but the design of the game just looks like somebody who read a description of the original Divine Comedy (or a translation) rather than the entirety of the work. The whole fire and brimstone thing is diametrically opposed to the concepts in Dante's work.

Dante described hell as being a cold, miserable place of suffering and misery. His reasoning was that if the Abrahamic god is light, warmth, energy etc, then hell must be as far as possible from this; so cold and dark. In the final pit, the devil is found frozen. People are sent to different levels of hell based on the severity of their sins, and different punishments which are relevant to sins committed on earth await the sinners. For example, in the second circle of hell, people who succumb to their lusts in life are punished by being blown about in a raging storm that never ends.

I sincerely recommend reading a decent translation of the poem, or just reading the Wiki page. I reckon a puzzle/survival/horror type game that followed the book more closely would have been awesome.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:01am 26/2/09
I think there's far too much speculation here. We've seen a 1 and a half minute CG teaser trailer. What I gleamed from that was great art-direction an awesome scythe weapon and a huge boss. That's about it. This is also the team that brought us Dead Space, a game that borrowed heavily from other games, but advanced the formula so much, it left a lot of those borrowed concepts for dead. It looks like it will be closer to God of War, but here's hoping they advance that formula - however, there's also a chance we're all entirely wrong - we'll have to wait for full gameplay footage to find out
Posted 06:40pm 26/2/09
Yeah Steve maybe you didn't read what people were saying but a huge boss and a big scythe don't shout Dante.

My comment was simply The Divine Comedy is going to give scant material for a game. The game may well be fun, but the "great" art direction from what I saw was in a totally different direction to what was outlined in the poem.

"great" art direction, by the way, would be finding something new and interesting with in the existing format not abandoning the format altogether.
Posted 09:37pm 26/2/09
I know it's called Dante's Inferno but that doesn't mean every aspect of the game has to be exactly like the poem.

But it would have been cool if they gave made everyone think the game is all fire and brimstone until you actually play the game: BAM it's actually frozen wasteland.
Posted 09:40pm 26/2/09
Another trailer on this thread.

Cbf linking ;)
Posted 10:04pm 26/2/09
F*** me am I estuttering or something?

There is nothing to fight in Dante's Inferno. It is suffering and that's it. The whole point of it is to make someone realize to futility of war on heaven.

Now, you can't make that into a dungeon crawl, and call someone a Puritan for pulling you up on the fact that you are taking the name and nothing else.

Making a frozen wasteland dungeon crawl instead of rivers of fire doesn't make any difference. How exactly would you reconcile killing Satan and letting out of his punishment with, Satan is in the inner most circle of hell to be punished for war on heaven? The very idea that hell is something you could conceivably get out of once your in undermines the whole point

being damned != dungeon crawl.

with that said a third person action rpg in hell could probably be done better than devil may cry.

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