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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:52pm 23/02/09 | 36 Comments
Welcoming aboard one of AusGamers' newest reviewers, Kosta Andreadis, we gave him a hell of a game to kick off his review stint with this year, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II.

However, being a RTS and RPG nut, he pulled off the review without a hitch and we have it here now for your viewing pleasure. Dawn of War II, from Relic Entertainment throws Orks and Marines into space with no explanation necessary. And nor does it matter, because the game is so damn addictive, you wont really care. Hopefully the luscious eye-candy, addictive gameplay and intuitive RPG elements will keep you maintaining suspended disbelief for a while to come.

You can also check out all available info and media for the game from our game page.

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2Review
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:03pm 23/2/09
Not normally something id play but im glad i gave it a shot. Im addicted now
Posted 01:27pm 23/2/09
mp is fun, until you get f*** who have s*** pcs and high gfx settings and lag the crap out of the game, and if you vote them out then you're short a player
Posted 02:31pm 23/2/09
Hmm your review has me more interested now - I was gonna let this one slide and wait for SC2..
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:46pm 23/2/09
sucks - i really wanna play this - stuck playing halo wars for review though (not that I'm complaining about that though, it's pretty rad in its own right)
Posted 02:51pm 23/2/09
Console RTS lol.

Mans I ordered this through CDWOW today but I want it nowwwwwww. I didn't like the beta at first but the more I played the more I liked it.

Also boba can't you just quit if someone on your team has a bad perf rating?
Posted 02:53pm 23/2/09
Hrm this looks kind of interesting. I've been hanging out for a new game to play so I might pick this one up and give it a bash.

A+ for reviewer, he made me want to buy a game!
Posted 03:54pm 23/2/09
game rocks so so hard, windows live is the suck however :S

Posted 04:19pm 23/2/09
Also boba can't you just quit if someone on your team has a bad perf rating?
If you quit after the game starts I think it counts towards a disconnect or something and zomg stats!
Posted 04:42pm 23/2/09
Just Purchased this badboy. I should have it mastered by tommorow. I will keep you posted.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:56pm 23/2/09
welcome aboard k-man
Posted 05:41pm 23/2/09
yeah cdwow's shipment is delayed. gay!!!!
Posted 07:15pm 23/2/09
Posted 10:34pm 23/2/09
Sounds very cool, hopefully will find time to check it out
Posted 01:30am 24/2/09
Unfortunately like the review mentions its very crash happy. Took 5 goes to complete a mission before and even then it crashed on completion ( auto saved though).
Posted 02:45am 24/2/09
Is it a must have for your collection type game? General opinion seems to be that it's awesome.
Posted 09:16am 24/2/09
Deeper let me put it this way if it's only a 1% improvement over the first one it'll be well worth getting. Imo the first one was one of the best RTS games I have bought and I just know this will at the very least be as much fun.

Posted 09:19am 24/2/09
Unfortunately like the review mentions its very crash happy.
I found changing the texture detail and effects density down to medium stopped the crashes for me as there is a bug with it in vista 32 running out of texture memory.
Posted 09:39am 24/2/09
Yeh it's definitely a Vista 32 issue (which this was reviewed on), and putting the settings down to medium kinda minimises the crashes. But Relic are worknig on a fix so we won't hold it against them.... for now. But, the game does looks quite a bit better on high/ultra settings.
Posted 09:58am 24/2/09
Ill give that a go boba although i like my high settings >.<
Posted 02:28pm 24/2/09
looks like a patch just got pushed out

Improved memory heap management to reduce 'out-of-memory' crashes that were plaguing certain systems, including 32-Bit Vista on High and Ultra settings. Often reported as 'error 183 failed to create to create dump'
Posted 03:46pm 24/2/09
Glad to hear it
Posted 10:36am 25/2/09
I don't know, I didn't read into the game much, but in DOW1 there was a large aspect of base building, and after playing last night and reading into it... it appears that isn't the case with #2???

I also find myself only using my main character, the heavy machine gun guys and when need to blow up a building I'll call the sniper team... no need for the other teams, although I know they have special abilities..

Quite different, and the repetitive missions in single player are quite s***ly designed; but somehow it is slightly addictive, not tried multiplayer yet.

Posted 10:37pm 26/2/09
Did others find the game kinda ended abruptly with a feeling of wanting more? I wanted to use my squad more, but short of replaying last level ("which was too damn easy") again and again, all you can do is restart from scratch. I think it needs diablo-esque replayablity...
Posted 10:58pm 26/2/09
hows the online games.. lots people battling easy to get a game happening?
Posted 07:41pm 27/2/09
The Zerg are basically Starcraft's Tyranids. You had it the wrong way around ;)

nice review! unfortunately it will be a while before i can play this since our pc needs to be upgraded (replaced) which really sucks. i was looking forward to this game since i read about the changes they were making. dammit.

with regards to steam and this games for windows crap, can you just play offline?? for single player? or do you always have to connect and log in regardless?
Posted 04:27pm 28/2/09
You need to log onto steam but logging onto games for windows is optional ( can do so in game, and can be automatic)
Posted 08:25pm 28/2/09
you can log onto steam offline :)
Posted 05:25pm 06/3/09
After jumping through hoops for Steam and Windows Live .... the game is RTS crap

KMan I shouldve got Empire: World at War
Posted 05:36pm 06/3/09
I beat it the other day... Strange I didn't really like it, but something about it was very addictive, the last boss was fairly easy and it was a pretty good mission, the only mission I came across where I felt 'F*** Yeah'.

I dn why or how but for a bad game I loved it, lol.
Posted 05:37pm 06/3/09
I love it, highly addictive. I will get into multi-player soon. I can't see it being better than CoH though.
Posted 10:14pm 09/3/09
Anyone else still having sudden crash to desktop happenings with no error messages? Running on ultra in Vista 64-bit here. Other than the crashing, I'm really loving this.. currently playing through the whole thing co-op with a mate, excellent. Nice thing about doing it co-op is being able to really play with tactics.. pincer installations, separate and hit two objectives at once.. all that jazz. Recommended.
Posted 10:54pm 09/3/09
Try setting the affinity to 1 Core. Also if you have Realtek sound on your mobo, get the latest drivers from Realtek.
Posted 11:46pm 09/3/09
multiplayer is where the funs at, stressfull stressfull fun. Its like dota on roids and crack
Posted 01:44am 10/3/09
Been playing multi every day just about.
bloody fun in a 3v3.

Takes awhile to get a game going without someone dropping or lagging it up.

Hope they fix the popcap bug soon, thats giving me the s**** as i cant fully reinforce my troops without the bug happening.
Posted 05:14am 02/8/09

Awesome game, If your into lan's this game will have you yelling with victory or punching your friend in the arm,

OH and windows live really sucks balls
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