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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:18pm 17/02/09 | 9 Comments
It was revealed late last year EA would be picking up Double Fine's Brutal Legend for publishing after the title was left amongst the abandoned collective dust of the Activision Blizzard merger (among other titles).

However, it appears Activision aren't at all happy about EA snapping the title up and have written a letter claiming they were still in negotiations with Double Fine re: publishing Brutal Legend (which stars Jack Black as the game's main character) and that, as a result, EA's publishing claim over the game is in fact invalid.

According to a report from Variety, Activision have threatened both EA and Double Fine with legal action if the situation isn't sorted, but that it's more likely the Guitar Hero publisher are simply after some monetary satisfaction in much the same way they were sated by Atari for both Ghostbusters and The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena.

Surely they have enough money as it is - what are your thoughts - has Activision become the new Electronic Arts?

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Posted 04:43pm 17/2/09
has Activision become the new Electronic Arts?

Absolutely, I got no respect at all anymore for Activision. At least once a week (if not once a day) I see something or read something that makes me dislike them even more.
Posted 05:00pm 17/2/09
This is what happens when a good company is given too much power and it goes to their heads.
Posted 05:04pm 17/2/09
still anything that keeps games out of the hands of EA is a good thing imo
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:15pm 17/2/09
Ah, but without EA stepping in Taipan, we probably wouldn't have seen Brutal Legend at all :\
Posted 05:57pm 17/2/09
I think they it would be better if they give EA a chance, Activision shouldn't be like this if they still want to continue farming wow gold, you know what I mean. :')
Posted 06:45pm 17/2/09
Not entirely cool to go around advertising for the gold sellers Shin, unless that's some joke site and I managed to completely miss the "haha we fooled you" part (looks like a real one).

I doubt many people will think too poorly of Activision Blizzard until/unless they start acquiring successful game companies and reorganising/destroying them like EA did though. I don't think AB's pumping out poor quality sequels and original games laden with DRM yet either so they're safe for a while, at least in my mind =)
Posted 10:14pm 17/2/09
He was implying that Blizzard runs the sites the sell the gold.
Posted 12:36am 18/2/09
What has Activision done to become the new EA? I don't think it's possible for another company to become the new EA considering how many things EA has f***ed up. I am glad activision is sticking it to EA, because EA are a*******.
Posted 08:59am 18/2/09
Actually, in recent times, EA has proven to be quite the oposite of old.

I still think there's alot of ill will towards them, but they're coming along alot from what they used to be.
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