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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:11pm 11/02/09 | 5 Comments
EA have released a new patch for Need For Speed Undercover which you can grab locally from AusGamers by clicking here. PS3 and Xbox 360 players will just be prompted to grab the update next time they fire up the game.

According to EA, this is just the first in a planned series of updates for the latest NFS title.
This update is primarily focused on improving Undercover's overall performance including frame rate inconsistencies and enhancements to the adaptive difficulty logic to accelerate the difficulty curve for the expert players.

This is the first of several planned free and for purchase updates to Need for Speed Undercover. Over the coming months, players will have access to new cars and modes to extend their Undercover experience. Stay tuned for upcoming DLC announcements.
You can check out more for Need For Speed Undercover from our game page.

Need For Speed Undercoverpatchdlc

Latest Comments
Posted 05:39pm 11/2/09
Does anyone have this game? Does anyone recommend it?

I am Need for speed fan back in the Day owning
Need for speed SE
Need for Speed II
Need for speed III
Need for Underground

then pretty much got over them...
Posted 06:48pm 11/2/09
The best NFS was Porsche Unleashed I reckon, from there it all went seriously downhill.

This version looks about 6 million times too arcadey, but with no demo I'll never know or bother to find out.
Posted 08:59pm 11/2/09
The crap, I didn't even know there was a new one...

Figures though, after that many lumps of crap the gaming community doesn't really care what EA s**** out now, they are all over it.
Posted 09:24pm 11/2/09
I've got:
then I stopped caring because they were crap, got NFS underground in the hopes it might be good but nope.

My favourite nfs was hot pursuit, I haxed up the holden HSV, it went over 500km/h & turned normally at those speeds, also removed all the body panels so all you saw was a see through car driving around if you had the shiny option turned on, if it was off all you saw were 4 wheels. Man that was fun.
Posted 10:12pm 11/2/09
Frame rate issue is this titles biggest flaw - with this patch hopefully the experience will be restored.
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