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The 2009 review roll out continues today with Monolith Studio's official F.E.A.R. follow-up, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

Bringing the creepy and disturbed Alma back is but one portion of the F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin experience with all manner of horror imagery, John Woo-inspired action intensity and Anime-loving mech suit wearing good being presented to you, the player.

However, there still isn't a lot of originality here, both for the series and the FPS field in general. Hit this link for our full review and this for our AusGamers game page.

f.e.a.r. 2review

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Posted 07:33pm 11/2/09
So... It's a revamp of the original basically?
Posted 12:18am 12/2/09
After playing the demo I had insane standards for this game. The demo was amazing and had tons of action and spooky stuff in it. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem the full game lives up to that. My main problem is this,

- i've been playing about 4 hours, and according to the mission select option, I only have 3 intervals (or chapters I guess) left. WHAT THE F*** is the game 12gb for? what is so god damn huge in this?

This is a problem I have with games in general. They are getting bigger and bigger, and yet shorter and shorter. Mabye it's because of the way I play them. I tend to miss or skip nearly all of the side quests and focus soley on the main story. Which now days ends in like 5 - 8 hours. That is utterly pathetic. Why can't they seem to design an fps that you can't finish in 1 sitting if you have the time? Anyway the graphics are pretty, (idk why you said they are dated. They are great) the action is rather fun and spookyness is pretty well done. 7 I thought was a bit low of a score. i'd of given it 8 or 8.5 at the most if your a huge fan of the original.

Sorta Spoiler: I have to kill Alma too? F*** you game I don't want to kill her. She's more awesome than most game characters combined. Why can't I join her and then have a choice of doing missions that will either destroy everyone, or save them?

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Posted 12:34am 12/2/09
Why can't they seem to design an fps that you can't finish in 1 sitting if you have the time?
Because you can't exactly prove the game would sell enough extra copies to justify the additional cost.
Posted 01:11am 12/2/09
Why can't I join her

...and together rule Armacham Technology Corporation as mother and son!
Posted 02:17am 12/2/09
mother and son

Not in this game you aren't.

Just finished the game now and while it was painfully short, it had what I thought was a great ending and glad I played it. Gonna do it again on hard tomorrow. It so sets up for a F.E.A.R 3 as well. Really didn't see the story twist coming either. Although that quote from the dev guy about "when the game is finished you will see why it couldn't of been the guy from the first game" is kinda bulls***. It could of been quite eaisly and in fact it SHOULD of been as it would of made it even more of a twisted and awesome ending.
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