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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:24pm 06/02/09 | 10 Comments
It really is becoming the year of DLC (downloadable content), with Capcom just announcing a post-launch expansion as well as character outfit DLC packs for your favourite Street Fighter dude or dudette.
Championship Mode expansion pack will add several unique and gameplay enriching options to Street Fighter IV's already robust feature set free of charge post launch. Street Fighter IV's Championship Mode Expansion Pack will include:
  • Replay Mode Record, upload, and download top matches to share with the Street Fighter IV community. Players can analyze top tiered fighters matches, leave voter feedback for others, and share their own triumphant victories.
  • New Points System - Two new points systems to measure your skill (Championship and Tournament Points)
  • Enhanced Tournament Matching System - Skill level matching system offers improved tournament match making for beginners and mid-level players. Competitors earn Grade Points (GP) to earn entry into more advanced tournaments.
There'll be five different costume packs featuring outfits for a number of different characters per pack. We'll have more details closer to the game's scheduled Feb 20 release date, but for now, have a look at a few screens we've added showing off some of the different outfits.

Street Fighter 4dlc

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The GuVna
Posted 09:52pm 06/2/09
Why is Akuma naked wearing only a large butterfly shaped rope?
Posted 10:15pm 06/2/09
I believe its an (oversized) samurai getup.
Posted 11:54pm 06/2/09
Is it free?
Posted 10:53am 07/2/09
the games not even out yet :/
Posted 11:03am 07/2/09
I wonder what the lag will be like

quake skating!!
Posted 11:29am 07/2/09
Championship Mode expansion pack will add several unique and gameplay enriching options to Street Fighter IV's already robust feature set free of charge post launch
In answer to your question

Hopefully they'll release even more content for it as times goes by.

Anyone preordered it yet? I have from CDwow and it says "pending dispatch"... i guess i'll have to wait however many days it takes them to ship it after release date :(
Posted 01:11pm 10/2/09
I just want them to release the game and then I'll worry about DLC
Posted 01:37pm 10/2/09
Interesting - mine's also showing as "pending dispatch", so fingers crossed it'll rock up next week as per the release date. Which is interesting, as EB is now saying the PC version has been delayed until a tbc date in the future :/
Posted 02:34pm 10/2/09
And EB USA website lists as shipping 2/6/09 :(
Posted 10:00pm 10/2/09
Apparently Capcom are going to charge you for extra costumes, like the equivalent of $8 a pack.

From memory I think there are 5 packs, each pack containing costumes for specific characters. You could only download a complete pack and not individual costumes.

So if you were to download them all that'd be $40 for a bunch of costumes that should've have already been included in the original game, which is like a 1/3 of the price of the actual game. As far as i'm aware the code for the costumes is already on disk, it's just a matter of unlocking it with $$$$ instead of the good old days of a cheat code. Capcom know suckers will shed out dosh to buy it because it's just too easy to pass up.

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